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Week of Money: Where this Blume frother is not worth the money and you should buy something else


8:08 a.m. — It bothers me when products are not made well and this Blume frother, while cute, was a complete waste of money. I love their drink blends (salted caramel for the win!), but the frother is utter crap.

Yes, it was $25, but I expected more out of it than what I got. Here’s why I hate it:

You can’t adjust the speed settings to keep it at a certain speed (there are 3). You have to turn it on and off each time to make it go faster, which is not only annoying, but also frustrating if you forget to “reset” it back to the speed level just before the one you want. Let’s say I want Speed 1 (slowest), and I forget that I turned it off after using it, and now it is technically on Speed 2 (medium). When I go to turn it on, it goes straight to Speed 2. WTF.

The attachements are also EXTREMELY HARD to remove. I pop them on as directed, but it takes a very strong tug, almost like you will pull it apart, to remove it from the handle, to the point where I was afraid I’d break it.

It sprays everywhere. This is apparently an issue with all frothers, but this one in particuler, no matter what vessel I use, it just flipped and sprayed me with liquid. Maybe I have no technique (also possible), but I am frustrated AF with it to the point where I was trying to figure out how to enclose the top of my vessel while still using the frother underneath.

On the plus side, the foam and the whisking action was pretty good, so I ended up getting addicted to velvety creamy foam and now will search for a real frother. I have my eye on the Breville or the Nespresso, but am leaning towards the newest Nespresso Aerocino 4 that is by all accounts, an upgrade from the Nespresso Aerocino 3 that was hard to clean. I am done with using handheld devices, and will only settle for an enclosed item.


7:15 p.m. — The new passcode for tonight is: 2629.

I knock on the door, give the passcode and then he says: “Be welcomed! With a snuggle from a STUFFIE!” and he snuggles me with a hug and hands me a Welcome Stuffie (LOL)


6:25 p.m. — I’m so proud of Little Bun I could burst. He saw we were missing toilet paper in the other bathroom, so he goes and refills it. I didn’t even know what was happening until he finished his task and the toilet paper bin was refilled. Without my asking or prompting. I told him once or twice what I typically do when I see it drop down and he saw it, and did it on his own without asking if he could, or if he had to. This sounds so minor but it isn’t. It’s one action in many, that will ensure he is not a future man baby.


6:40 p.m. — We had a big talk last night about Little Bun not turning into a man baby like the ones I see in my family and in my life.

I told Little Bun I wanted for example, to stop having to remind him that he had things to do, that he could do basic laundry, cook basic healthy meals and be an adult who could plan and organize his life, like us.

I told him for school, if he forgot a project and got a 0, I wasn’t going to remind him or help him. It would be HIS job to stay organized and plan his days, but as we are homeschooled, I’m trying to teach him this via other things like household tasks.

So.. just now.. I told him there was cutlery to wipe and resisted repeating myself.

He did his work, then half an hour later, got up and wiped the cutlery without me saying anything,

Small, baby steps..



9:12 a.m. — I take Little Bun out to the park. We build forts, we play in the snow, and I am thankful I have snowpants because otherwise, I’d be freezing in the snow with him. We build and destroy items, and then head back home, cold and happy.


6:08 a.m. — I wake up early before him, and Little Bun is just salty. Finally I ask him: Why are we a salty hippo today, Little Bun?

He tells me: Mommy you weren’t there in the morning.... *sad face*

He means in the bedroom to greet him when he woke up, he likes to do a morning snuggle before we both get up together.


8:08 a.m. — Little Bun: COME HERE MOMMY BELLY..

Me: What!?

Little Bun: *digs his hands under my shirt and warms them up on my stomach*

Me: WHY ARE YOUR HANDS SO COLD *half crying*

Little Bun: Ahhh… so warm… I need to warm my hands on a warm belly


Little Bun: Because it’s the best place for warming your hands of course. *moves hands around*

Me: I guess.. *half crying*

Little Bun: *flips hands over* Ahhh have to warm the BACK of my hands too


Little Bun: I dunno! But they’re warm now. Ahhh…

Me: *half sobs*

( I really don’t mind that much. His hands are like little ice blocks but I love him so I do not mind it when he needs me to help him warm up. I am just playing with him … ! )


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