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Week of Money: Where I freak out that I lost all of Little Bun’s memories


8:08 a.m. — At the post office, he finds $0.10!! HE IS SO EXCITED. His count is up to $0.27 now.

3:40 p.m. — At the park in the afternoon, we find beautiful leaves:


10:15 a.m. — Working on his pages, he insisted I post this to social media:

His other pages are similarly cute!


8:08 a.m. —

3:40 p.m.

12:25 p.m. — Little Bun continues with deliveries (scam ones) LOL.. He loves my reaction when I exclaim that it’s a scam or it’s taking too long:

Today I decided to go for crayons:

I had to pay with my debit card this time:

It took a barge, then two trucks to get to me:

AND SAME THING happened as last week! Haha.. he handed me the “fire pack” of pencil crayons not the 48 I ordered.



8:08 a.m. — This was a great comment I got in my DMs:

3:40 p.m. — I also found this chart super helpful. I can never keep them straight in my head.


6:25 p.m. — At night, we have started doing these Highlights – Hidden Pictures books:


9:45 a.m. — We head out to Sephora to pick up this new set to clear up my skin – Blume Acne Meltdown. $39.10

Little Bun is touching things in the store:


9:08 a.m. — I go to access my precious hard drive photos of Little Bun and my heart sinks. BOTH hard drives have corrupted. I am sweating a little, as they are the only photo backups I have of him when he was a little baby.

I try to take a deep breath and recover it, feeling a bit numb. These drives are over a decade old which could be why.

Then.. I go to check all my other hard drives and realize that I backed them up AGAIN on another set of drives because I am super paranoid about these very precious videos and images.

I immediately order two more hard drives to back them up in quadruplicate again. I cannot ever lose these videos of him, I will never get them back.

I end up buying two of the Sandisk 2TB Solid State Drive (SSD) that has no moving parts to break. $556.75

They are SO LIGHT. And thin. And 2TB. I cannot believe it. If they weren’t so expensive I’d buy a few more, but two are enough for now, to back up Little Bun’s photos.


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