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Week of Money: Where there’s lots of pondering happening


11:25 a.m. — Living with Little Bun is continually being bombarded with these kinds of soliloquys:

“Imagine a million monkeys, typing all the time but they don’t die of course, will eventually type the Gettysburg address! It’s just that it’s kind of unlikely thing but they’re typing for a million years…. And that’s why it isn’t impossible. Anyway. Anything is possible unless of course it is for example this situation that you have two red cards and two yellow cards and you flip them over and then swap them around and then when you reach for them you can’t expect to get a blue card. You only had red and yellow unless someone gives you a random card of any colour, it could become possible that you’d pick a blue card….”


3:40 p.m. — Just a PSA for people out there:


8:08 a.m. — In response to this post: But where are you really from?

And here is another response on this:


8:08 a.m. — I read an article about how during the lockdown, men with double families were found out as they were working from home and couldn’t pretend they were traveling the whole time.

As I am reading this, Little Bun pipes up:

Little Bun: Why don’t they do 6 months with one family then 6 months with another, back and forth, instead of going every other month? Then it would save money, otherwise it would waste more money.

Me: You don’t see anything wrong with having two families!??

Little Bun: No I mean if you want to do it…. I’d do the 6 months

My partner: I don’t see the point unless you have a family in the North then another in the South and spend 6 months in each, to avoid the weather …

Me: I really don’t get the appeal of two families. It’s double the stress and cost… why is it only men doing this


8:45 a.m. — Speaking of traveling, if this is not the most disgusting post I have ever read:

Someone messaged me to say that flight attendants wash their underwear in these coffee pots.


DO NOT USE ANYTHING IN A HOTEL ROOM if you can help it. *blecccch*


7:40 p.m. — I made a creamy oyster pasta stew:



2:15 p.m. —Something to ponder about car key fobs:

That is very scary.


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