Save. Spend. Splurge.

Want to feel strong and feminist? Become financially empowered

By this, I don’t mean to become financially empowered by learning how to day trade, what a butterfly option is, or any of that other high finance stuff.

I am talking about basic b*tch finances. If anything, writing about how women are treated in industries that prey on young women, has made me even more militant on this issue.

Here are the top 10 things EVERY woman should know:

  1. How to create a budget – Income, Expenses, Savings
  2. Track money to get an idea of spending
  3. Make a plan and get out of debt
  4. What your savings rate is, and see how you can max it out
  5. Understand how credit cards work, your credit score and how to use them to your advantage
  6. Calculate your net worth (Assets minus Liabilities)
  7. Max out your contribution to your employer’s matching pension plan (RRSP / 401K)
  8. Learn how to do basic investing for life
  9. Set up funds for long-term goals (e.g. children, car, house, etc)
  10. Know what your retirement plan is (or, financial independence)

You don’t need to compare yourself to anyone else in this journey.

This is your money, and your journey, not anyone else’s.

You have to know what your financial picture is like. Whatever it is. It could be horrific ($100K in student debt), it could be pretty decent ($50K in cash in the bank but no real plan for retirement or investing).

Whatever it is, open those statements, take a look through them, take out 2 hours in your day, and start tallying up numbers.

Get an idea of what you have, what you owe, and what / where you want to be with a timeline and real numbers of what things will cost, WHATEVER THEY ARE.

Even if it is saving $5000 for a Chanel flap bag, PLAN FOR IT.

Whatever your goals are, you can make it. You can do what it takes to reach your dreams.

It might take you 20 years longer than someone who makes a ridiculous salary and saves 90% of their income, or even someone who makes a decent salary but has no debt or many expenses to speak of, but their journey is no reason for you not to start yours.

Their journey has nothing to do with yours. It’s YOUR journey and YOUR money. Not anyone else’s.

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