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To tailor or not to tailor?

I’m frustrated right now with my wardrobe.

It’s not that I don’t have the perfect pieces or that I feel like I have nothing to wear, but nothing fits well on me any longer because they’re 2-3 inches too big (I had to pin my skirt to keep it on my hips the other day!)


I know it sounds like a good thing when I say things like “my clothes don’t fit me, they’re too big”, but it isn’t.

What it is, is ANNOYING.

I had purchased the perfect wardrobe, had some pieces tailored to fit my Size 6 frame perfectly, and now I’m waffling between 1-2 sizes LOWER.

It’s my original high school weight when I was 18, so stands to reason it could be my real weight.

I know feel better at this weight (it’s more natural for me, I seem to have more energy and sleep better), but I also know that I could definitely go back up a size or two.

In fact, some pants I bought last autumn, are already a size too large for me.




Now I’m stuck with clothes I don’t reach for, because they don’t fit me, but are still good pieces.

Namely, some structured dresses, some pencil skirts and my go-to tweed suit which swims on me (I have to really belt that sucker to get it to stay on me).

I spent all this time and money finding the right pieces, only to change weight and have them hang like baggy sacks on me.

The question is now to either tailor my pieces down to my Size 2/4 frame, hoping that I will stay where I am.

Or leave them and bet that in the next year or so, I’ll put on more weight to go back up to Size 6.



I do not want to waste money on tailoring or replacing pieces with smaller substitutes if it’ll just be wasted later.


Either option sucks if I change weight again.

I guess the key would then be to wait a year to see where I am in December.

In the meantime, no more clothes, and if I do get them, they better be able to be wrapped tighter, or loosened (hello wrap dresses!)

I’m also going to try and rock some belts, but they’re another issue altogether when they slide up your torso and separate by leaving your skirt/pants to linger down by your hips.




  • Brittany

    ugh I’m having problems with shirts, when I go to a store to buy a shirt, they are all big on me for some reason but it was just in one store and it was probably just some of the shirts, idk y but a small wouldn’t fit me and I could wear a 14/16 in girls which normally is too small for me, I haven’t lost weight that I know of either, I weigh 104 pounds and am 5 ft and 15 years old.

  • Mochi & Macarons

    I’m considering that. Or I just pare everything down and hope for a steady weight.

  • Allison

    I had this problem in college – I had gained weight in the end of high school, but then lost it all again shortly after I started college. I had a lot of cheap clothes then, not work type clothes, so if I could take something in myself, I did, if I couldn’t, I gave it away and bought a cheap replacement. I had to go shopping alone, though, because my friends were very irritated that I was complaining that I was too tall and too thin for many clothes out there…but no matter what the fit problem is, it sucks! 

    I hear you on not wanting to tote around different sizes, but I think if I gained or lost weight, I’d try to have a few outfits that fit at both weights, and then give it some time to see what weight I settled at. 

    • Mochi & Macarons

      That is what I am planning on doing until December to see which weight I am. Come to think of it, I only gained weight when I met BF and he fattened me up on pies…..
      Now that the pies have stopped, my weight has dropped. :/

  • Leigh

    I am having a really similar problem! Thankfully a lot of my shirts are designed to look flowy, so they’re fine. It’s more of a problem with pants. Unfortunately I’m a size 24/00 petite and I don’t have too many options to buy different sizes – I have to go to different brands.

    Since I’ve been single in the last 6-10 months or so (I’m too lazy to do the month math), I’ve been a LOT more active and I probably dropped 10 lbs of fat and some of that changed to muscle.

    I find that belts are terrible for me – most of the clothes that I buy just don’t look good with them. I use ribbon belts on tops that are too loose (some blouses and sweaters).

    The last time I lost a ton of weight (15 lbs), I bought a few pieces to tide me over in case the weight came back. If you DO gain the weight back, you won’t necessarily gain the weight back in the same places. For example, you might lose the weight in your hips and gain it back in your butt or lose it in your chest and gain it back in your arms or your face. Or you could lose weight in your bra cup size, then gain it back in the band size or vice versa.

    So my general solution is:
    1) Buy a few pieces in the area that fits the worst (e.g. if it’s jeans, buy 1 pair of jeans; if it’s tops, buy 3-5).
    2) Love coats that REQUIRE belts.
    3) Be glad that even fancy bras aren’t that expensive in the States.

    I finally threw the old bras out from when I lost the 15 lbs many years ago in my last move because I realized I wasn’t ever going to go back to that cup size.

    I’ve never considered tailoring an option though maybe I should consider that for one of my coats where the sleeves are falling apart after 6 years…

    Good luck!!!

    • Mochi & Macarons

      I already had to replace my underwear. Might have to do it again because it is falling off my hips :/
      Thanks for the advice. I better figure this out soon before I move again.

  • Mochi & Macarons

    Great advice.

    I am trying to figure out more if this is the natural weight I want to be at or 10 pounds heavier.
    This is what I weighed in high school and I think I feel better but I can’t be sure until December whether or not this weight can hold.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Mrs. Paperstacks

    Here’s what I would do: Tailor what you can, sell or donate the pieces that are 2 sizes too big, keep what is 1 size too big and buy 1 pair of great slacks, 1 pencil skirt and 1 wrap dress.  You can use some of the jackets and tops with the new bottoms and dress until December.  Also assess why you’re losing weight.  Is it because of positive or negative changes?

    • Mochi & Macarons

      What great advice!!

      I just reiterate that I have PLENTY to wear, it is more that I don’t want to tote around a range is sizes just because I think I might gain weight later.
      I could probably do without any of those larger pieces in my wardrobe except for the suit (need to dust it off once in a while).
      I am losing weight mostly because I am on tough projects where my brain and body burns fuel like mad.
      Then I also don’t eat or snack any more (I lose my appetite when I work) and I don’t eat junk food.
      All those are positive, normal things that happen.

      Personally I’d like to be exactly where I am right now and not drop any more but I’d be ok with going up 5 – 10 pounds as well.
      Hard to say. I think I need to assess at the end of December.

      • SWR

        You don’t eat anymore?  Haha.  

        I would say get rid of everything two sizes too big, and get a minimal amount of your clothes tailored to your current size.  Then in December you can either tailor the rest (if you’re at your current size) or not (if you’ve gone back up a size).  

        • Mochi & Macarons

          I eat plenty!!!

          It is more that I stopped eating junk and I dont snack.

          But I do eat macarons and high fat stuff, I just feel less hungry than before….. Sometimes.

          • SWR

            Ha.  I was messing with you…I think you mistyped because your comment says you don’t “eat or snack anymore”.  

  • Mochi & Macarons

    Not with suits and pants, which is where my tailoring problem lies….

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