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Things I managed to get done in 3 weeks

Just a short update.

I basically managed to get the following finalized in 3 weeks:

Moved to a new apartment

  • Moved from one apartment to another with a baby
  • Set up entire apartment (including putting everything away and ironing all my clothes)
  • Got apartment insurance
  • Cleaned entire apartment from top to bottom
  • Bit the bullet and bought a table. This apartment was unfurnished *sigh*

Bought a new car in cash for $9000 after taxes & fees

  • “New” meaning new to me, because it’s used because .. well it’s a 2009 vehicle andย in very good condition
  • I contemplated spending $50,000 on a brand new car until my partner talked me out of it
  • Got car insurance at $350/year
  • Got CAA just in case
  • Got a license plate
  • Partner is going to clean car, set it up with new mats, change the brake pads and organize my car life

Found this and said: I AGREE!


Finalized contract

  • Finally got everything squared away, just one little SNAFU happening I have to iron out
  • Will be working untilย 2016 if all goes well. I SURE HOPE SO
  • Met the team already and love them
  • Can’t wait to start working
  • Charged GPS and am ready to go
  • …will also be speaking French a lot

Working on the last few trays of my Invisalign braces

  • Am almost done. Am on Tray #7, and I have 3 more trays to go.
  • Have to make an appointment with the dentist to remove attachments, clean teeth and install a permanent wire

Transitioned Baby Bun (in the process of)

  • Daddy will be taking care of Baby Bun full-time now
  • Baby Bun is not adjusting well to Mommy not being around for 4-5 hours at a time (I’m trying to go easy)
  • Started Baby Bun on purees and he is not loving it — I hope this changes
  • Baby Bun is also not sleeping through the night any more; wakes up crying for milk every 3 hours
  • Am going to stop pumping breast milk completely, it is exhausting and I am tired

That’s it so far.

I’m sure I missed something but….

I really feel like I need to go for a back massage.

In lieu of that, I really enjoyed this video:

Thanks Gia!


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