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Love shopping? Love DESIGNER shopping? Well if you buy designer items at full-price, you will know like I and many other consignment shoppers do, that some brands hold their value really well and others don’t.

For the brands that hold their value the longest, The RealReal found that Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Hermès, Cartier, David Yurman, Alaïa, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Goyard were all good bets. Givenchy, Victoria Beckham, Charlotte Olympia and Alexander McQueen also had an unexpectedly high resale value.

  • The Real Real (shop & use my referral code for a $25 credit)

I am not surprised. Chanel, Hermes.. these are all good brands with a high quality sewn into them.

The only designer stuff I’ve ever purchased at retail (even on sale), has been my two Burberry coats.

They will undoubtedly retain their value if I choose to ever consign them (NEVAH!!!!), because they’re both classic trench coat styles, one in a cashmere/wool blend and the other in their famous cotton.

As for mainstream brands, I find the ones that lose their value the fastest are J. Crew and Banana Republic. J. Crew being the worst, and therefore the best to buy secondhand.

Aritzia is not too bad (like their jackets or coats), and Club Monaco is OK too.


425 square feet. Could I do it? Could my partner and Baby Bun (with future siblings) do it? They’d have to sleep in the living room, methinks.

I almost want to try, until I realize that my clothes alone would take up half that bedroom.


By the way, the apartment looks roomy because it has barely any furniture in it. Just the way I like it.


Quite honestly, I think it might be too small for a whole family especially if the mother is not a minimalist when it comes to clothing and shoes.

My summer shoe wardrobe is 5 pairs in total.

2 pairs of ballet flats, Birkenstocks, sneakers and wedged sandals.. and I consider myself to be on the LOW END of the shoe spectrum among women.

I think for a family, we need at least 1000 square feet. Any more, and it’s extra space we don’t need, and would be paying extra taxes/fees for.


What happens if a mother gives her child her own last name instead of the father’s?

Honestly, it’s just a name. People should get over it.

(For the record, I hate my last name.)

Via eemusings — thanks for the link!


What a GOOD guy, he is, Mesmut Ozil, who played for Germany in the World Cup. We need more people like him.


This one comes with a controversial title:

A Gentleman’s Guide to Rape Culture

I know what you’re thinking, I thought it too, but it is NOT WHAT YOU ARE THINKING AT ALL.

You should totally, abso-freaking-lutely read this article.

Guys AND girls, please.

Recommended by Sara M


This is SOME TREE. It grows 40 different kinds of fruit!!!


This interview process shocked me, and nothing really shocks me these days.

“I thought I really wanted this job, but the interview process was full of games like this. They also made the 20 final candidate cook dinner for and entertain the senior staff at the executive director’s house.

We were given 2-1/2 hours to plan, shop, and cook for 40. We also had to find the address of the director’s house, which turned out to be a 30-minute drive away.

Do I have the wrong attitude? Are these tricks and games really a good way to test candidates and, if so, what is the best way to respond?”

OMFG. The wrong attitude!? Poor woman. That poor woman.. I mean this treatment of the unemployed shouldn’t go unpunished.

That company should be publicly SHAMED, and people have to be NAMED.

What a sick company.

Thanks to Belle for the link


Supermarkets get you to buy their trash. Seriously.

But it isn’t such a bad thing in my eyes. I don’t mind ugly fruits and vegetables, because it tells me that they’re real / authentic and not manufactured to look perfect but taste like crap.


I kind of want this cork globe.



I sort of want to try this as a new mom, but the (newly) frugal person who only has a few thousand left in her chequing account for the end of the year, wonders why she can’t just do yoga in front of Baby Bun’s swinging musical chair…

I won’t even need to hold him to throw me off balance.

I’ll just do yoga to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus Go ‘Round and ‘Round”.


One in every 25 New Yorkers is a millionaire. Yep.

Speaking of rich people, what are you worth? The comments in this post really inspires me to grow my net worth.



The renting situation in New Zealand continues to horrify me. I’m so lucky to be living in a country where insulated houses are a requirement / norm.

I can’t believe the government lets slumlords in NZ get away with it, and even worse, I can’t believe NZ’ers are slumlords to their own country people by not making the house insulated for tenants.

Disgusting behaviour on both sides.


Don’t forget to cash your cheques. I NEVER forget to cash one, nor do I ever forget money that is owed to me or money I owe to others, but hey.. you might be like J$’s wife and have an extra $355 in your pocket without knowing it.


If Disney Princesses had instagram…!


6 productivity hacks to help you change how you handle work. I like / implement all of them with a tweak to #1.

Instead of having folders that say “@ActionRequired” or “@AwaitingResponse”, I basically just leave the email in my Inbox. It serves as a constant reminder of what has to be done, and only until the action is complete or response received, do I archive it.

If I want to keep track of the email but not necessarily do anything with it (e.g. coupon code, special link, possible future whatever), then I star it and archive it.


If you wear contact lenses, I hope you change them frequently and wash them, otherwise you could end up with your eyeballs completely eaten away.


Sir Smoke-a-Lot would probably want to attend this weeding.. I mean.. wedding. in Colorado.



  • J. Money

    Haha… You know what’s funny? My wife just found a $20 bill in her jeans pocket the other day. She’s always hiding money inadvertently! 🙂

  • SarahN

    I think I’ve pinned that apartment before!!

    I also loved the productivity hacks, but like you, I keep things in my inbox to remind me to action things, but I do love tags, meaning things can be in more that one place at once. I wish work’s Lotus Notes would offer that.

    The Gentleman’s Guide to Rape – wooha. I usually think I’m not one of those girls that are scared, and it’s true. Truly, it is. But then I realise, I also have almost never dressed slutty or skanky, despite the fact that at times I may have wanted to look like that. But I didn’t want to look like ‘I wanted it’ with people who I couldn’t trust. Even now, I dislike unwanted attention, so whilst I would be happy at home or at a party with friends in their home, dress like a hooker, I’m a long way from feeling like this is OK in public. It’s incredibly interesting, and part of something I’m not sure my BF yet understands. He often says I don’t dress ‘sexy’ enough for work. I work with 98% men, and I’m not going to invite unwanted attention or unprofessional conversations (within my earshot or beyond). I’d MUCH rather be frumpy than ‘fuck me’ thank you very much! Mostly, I aim for just professional.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      I’d like to be able to add notes to calendars (e.g. in Outlook).. not tasks or meetings but just notes for that day.

      I aim for professional too. I just make sure everything fits well and isn’t baggy or drab..

  • NZ Muse

    I’m really disappointed in yesterday’s election results. Looks like the current government will continue on and may not need any support from other parties. They did NOT pledge to introduce rental housing standards. (I voted for one of the (several) other parties that made this part of their housing policy – this was the issue I felt most strongly about.) Not feeling very hopeful about the future right now and feeling it’s ever more imperative to break into home ownership.

  • The Asian Pear

    I love that little condo space. I think I could live there comfortably; however, I’d want the kitchen to be a tad bigger. I could give up some of the living room space for more kitchen. Ya know how I love to cook. 🙂

    Loved the article, “A Gentlemen’s Guide to Rape Culture.” Thanks for sharing.

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