In Budget Roundups

June 2014 Budget Roundup = $233,262.04 or and increase +0.88% or +$2042.66



This great, GREAT post written by The Ugly Volvo about her father made me sniffle, mostly because that’s how I think a father should be and act, and it’s absolutely not the experience I have gotten from my own father who is more selfish than anything in the world.

He is the opposite and probably would have asked for a fully paid lunch instead of trying to give one.


I tried on these Chanel flats on a whim and my goodness are they ever uncomfortable!!


The foot is REALLY narrow (and I don’t think I have a very wide foot), and although the vamp in front came up nice and high, I found the sole stiff and the leather a bit too tough for my foot.

I also tried on these Chanel flats and found them narrow, with a kind of painful pinch around the toes.


Most definitely NOT comfortable.

More comfortable than the ones above, but not by much.

I have yet to find a pair of Arche ballet flats, and to bite the bullet on Poppy Barley shoes.

Lanvin flats are back on my list because of Gia’s review but I’d like to see if I can buy something cheaper than $500 flats…maybe Poppy Barley?


I loved reading about Ariana’s experience in Canada. I agree with a lot of points she has made but ultimately as a freelancer, Canada is a better country for healthcare costs and working/charge rates versus the U.S. Then again, I am also in Ontario / Quebec, not out west.

I myself lived in the U.S. for a year, then moved back to Canada because not even the shopping could make me change my mind.

Good thing she didn’t move to Quebec to live! Quebec has even more quirks than the rest of Canada with their Separatist sentiments and all…

INCOME = $641.66

I made over $500! Of course, most of that was because I sold my Canon S95 digital camera. I don’t really need 3, and I’ve been using the Sony RX100 more and more to take pictures of Baby Bun.

I still own my Canon G12 though, and love it.

EXPENSES = $5513.61

WAIT! Before you freak out, you will have to know ahead of time that the bulk of this (60%) was spent on my teeth.


I have wayward teeth up top and was told by my dentist to “get it done before it gets even more expensive”. Wise words, woman.

I should have listened to her last year and did it but then I became pregnant and X-rays were out of the question… so here we are.

Save-Spend-Splurge-June-2014-Budget-Roundup-Expenses Save-Spend-Splurge-June-2014-Budget-Roundup-Expenses-Pie-Chart


1. Dentist

2. Wardrobe

3. Groceries

4. Rent

5. Medical


I returned that Mauviel pot and steamer insert. The pot was perfection but the insert had dents it in, and the bottom was dirty / scuffed. For $700 as a set, I expected PERFECTION.

*shakes fist at France*


Once I go through the whole process of Invisalign, I’ll do a post on it.

So far, I am loving it, with a few caveats…. the price tag, being one, but the major benefit of these things? I don’t have to deal with painful wires poking my gums and inside my mouth, and I am not shy about smiling with a mouth full of metal.

(That is what NIGHTMARES are made out of)


You can see all of the ones I bought here from Kalabandar scarves, but I forgot to take a picture of the one I bought for my Mom as a gift.

NET WORTH: $233,262.04

It actually went up, and higher than it has ever been in the past.

This “no working and spending all the time” thing is working out for me……!!


I kid.. I kid.

I do need to work to make income, but it is satisfying to know that once you build a steady, solid net worth and invest it, your money kind of makes money all by itself.





  1. What I bought from Kalabandar Scarves (I am OBSESSED)
  2. Why and how you should deal with conflict and stand up for yourself
  3. Do you worry about how pretty or good looking you are?
  4. The aftermath of giving up your career to stay at home
  5. I gave up a quarter of a million dollars to be with my family



To… the SUMMER!!!!

I am going out a lot more with Baby Bun. He’s adorable and he needs to be shown off to the world.

I also am getting less cabin fever and he is pretty easy to take care of, most of the time. He only gets fussy / whiny when he needs to eat, be changed, sleep, or wants me to play with him.

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  1. the spunky banker.

    I love how detailed your posts are! The tables and charts and stuff are great!

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      I am kind of a freak for this stuff.

  2. Michelle

    I’ve always wanted those chanel flats too!

    Btw what an awesome net worth =) great job!

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      Chanel flats = uncomfortable. Forget it.


  3. GirlinaTrenccoat

    Bummer about the Chanel flats! I absolutely love the classic cap-toe design, but it’s too bad they are so narrow.

    Another benefit of Invisalign- no cavities! Metal braces are GROSS because once they come off you see all the stains/cavities from the crevices where brushing and flossing couldn’t reach.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      They’re narrow, without padding and UNCOMFORTABLE. For that price I say NAY.

      I forgot about that!!!!!! Yes. The invisalign has many great properties, being invisible being the #1.. so I don’t feel shy about smiling.

  4. Melissa

    Those Chanel flats LOOK comfortable, but what a shame! Canada is better for a freelancer? Oh man! Now, to only convince the bf we should move to Canada. Can you move to Canada if you’re not valuable? I would freelance, but that’s not valuable in the sense of STEM-field valuable, and he’s a teacher… of American history…

    I probably already answered my own question. Bummed about your steamer, but for that price, you SHOULD get perfection!

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      They LOOK comfy but aren’t. I think I’m back on track to buy a pair of Lanvin ballet flats. *sigh*

      Freelancing in Canada is far better for me than it ever was in the U.S. especially if you take healthcare into account. Universal healthcare is a big deal to a freelancer, especially one with a baby.

      Hmm.. well I think you can immigrate to Canada but you have to be on their list of approved occupations. I think we have a glut of teachers though so that would be out… IT’s pretty easy to immigrate here, as long as you meet the requirements.

      I KNOW right?! $700 for a pot and steamer means it should be perfect.

  5. Cassie

    I read Ariana’s post at your recommendation, and was honestly put off by it. I thought she sounded incredibly entitled and downright sheltered. I could go off on a rant about it, but I’ll pass for now.

    Nice job on the net worth increase. I look forward to your invisalign post.I had traditional braces as a kid, but my teeth got pushed around again once my wisdom teeth came in. I’ve had a couple dentists suggest it in recent years, but I’m not sure how I feel about it.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      Well that’s the reason why I suggested it. 🙂 It’s an interesting perspective to hear how an American felt living in Canada, particularly since I wrote a similar post about being a Canadian in the U.S.

      In the comments, I also called her out for being sexist…

      Thanks! Invisalign so far, has been working out great, but you should get on it ASAP to spend as little as possible. The longer you wait, the more trays you need and each tray costs more money…

      I hated the old metal braces even though they’re a fraction of the cost of Invisalign.

  6. ArianaAuburn

    Braces are expensive. But they are customized to your dental needs and they are a necessity. Remember there is only one of you, and you are worth every penny.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      There’s no point in being cheap for health anyway. I learned that the hard way.

  7. Alicia @ Financial Diffraction

    No fair! Your net worth went up double mine, and I worked all month! 😉 I’m still envious of your scarf additions. Also, those braces are expensive!!!

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      Er… Invest your money? 🙂

      My scarves *sleeps on a bed of them*… I can’t wait until Autumn comes!


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