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Style Trick: How to make a too-big skirt fit just right and fake the fit

So I bought this Mexx skirt for $7 in a thrift store but wasn’t sure if I’d love it (read: keep it) and want to spend the money tailoring it for another $20 when I might just get rid of it if I don’t love it.

It had a lot of good things going for it:

  • Military-style buttons down the front
  • DEEP pockets!
  • Nice pencil shape

…but it was definitely too big on me as you can see:


So… I just took the belt that came with it, and belted it hard by tying a knot.

I could do this with any belt really, as long as it fits through the loops and my waist. It even creates a nice sort of paperbag waist effect and doesn’t look like I tried to¬†jerryrig something that doesn’t quite fit.


And from afar, it looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.


The pockets are still useable and the back doesn’t look all scrunched up.


This would only work on these kinds of skirts in my opinion:

  • Thin material
  • With loops so that belting it doesn’t look like an accident but something intentional
  • Using a fabric belt or something that fits your natural waist well and can grip onto the skirt
  • Only a size or two larger than your real size
  • Shifting the skirt up to your natural (higher) waist, and the smallest part of your body

So, any other tricks for faking a perfect fit in a skirt?

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