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Review of SEETROËN Boarding Glasses for Motion Sickness – Do they actually work?

I was one of the first people to buy a SEETROËN / Boarding Glasses pair of motion sickness glasses because I was abroad (naturally) when I saw them debut on French TV.

The minute I saw them, and heard what they were meant to do, I was like..

Here’s a bit of a background in case you are confused about why there are two names for this

SEETROËN is the name of the motion sickness glasses sold by the car company in France called Citroën (get it? GET IT!?… oh nevermind).

They use the technology from a company called Boarding Glasses. This is where I got confused because I was searching for these SEETROËN  glasses and then I saw what I thought was a knockoff pair called Boarding Glasses, but in the end, it is the same damn thing.

The catch seems to be that Citroën heavily promoted these glasses this summer 2018 (they have major clout, obviously), and Boarding Glasses as part of the contract (I assume) was basically unable to ship the glasses earlier than December 2018, even though they provided the technology and had the glasses ready to go.

Long story short – IT IS THE SAME THING.

What it purports to do

Cure motion sickness without patches or drugs. OMG. Pregnant women who travel everywhere, rejoice!

Apparently you just put on these glasses for 10 minutes, let the liquid in the lenses roll around and do the work to recalibrate your inner ear with your vision, and then you’re good to go.

It supposedly tested in labs to have 95% efficacy in generic motion sickness situations — boats, trains, cars, etc — but obviously if you are on a very rocky boat in the middle of a raging sea, you are not going to be able to wear these glasses and not toss your cookies. Let’s be realistic here.

They look ugly AF

I am not going to lie.

The cute girl they use is not helping sell it, to be honest.

They look ugly AF but I really don’t give AF because if they cure my motion sickness I will wear them UNTIL THE JOURNEY IS OVER.

Stares and snickers be damned, I won’t be hurling all over you, or dizzy and nauseous for the next 24 hours.

Actual Real-Life Usage and Review

I paid $115 CAD plus shipping which was about $31 CAD to get my hands on these things. Because I was one of the early pre-orders, I got a 25% discount off the price of 100 EUR which basically paid for the shipping to me.

I tried it out on our trip up to Toronto in the car. I didn’t take my usual Transderm patch, and I wore the glasses for the first 10 minutes of the ride. I then handed them over to Little Bun after he basically hurled all over my car, and they SEEMED to help.

I found that for me, personally, they worked quite well. The only times where the glasses weren’t magic, were when my partner was doing a jerk stop/start with the car, and it was making me nauseous. I need to have a steady, STEADY speed in a car, or be the one driving to not get sick.

I have to try them again like on a plane or a train, but so far, they seemed to work quite well for the ride up and the ride back. I didn’t get sick.

I will also mention that on the ride back, I had to put on a Transderm patch halfway through because it was storming so hard, there was nothing that would stop my motion sickness from triggering, so I took off the glasses and put the patch on to drug myself.

Little Bun on the other hand, was fine for the rest of the trip after he vomited, but everyone is fine after they throw up (I have a ton of experience with this).

On the way back, I made him wear the glasses AND I gave him a dosage of children’s Gravol because I was taking no prisoners or chances.

They do look very stupid on my face though. But Little Bun looks so adorably cute, I snapped a lot of photos of him. He is cute.

I’ll test it more when I take more trips and update this post.

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