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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where the truly rich, buy Ford 150 pickup trucks

I always imagined that the truly rich, earning above $500K would buy luxury vehicles, but apparently, in America, they are all driving Ford pickup trucks..  thanks to reader M (love your comments!), I learned so much about car politics and how they tend to stick to the Big 3 car brands that are made in Michigan, and are AMERICAN cars.

Apparently, Tesla, although American, does not count, but those earning from $400K – $500K, buy Teslas and Audis.

That’s not to say everyone earning over $500K only drives a Ford pickup, BMW and Lexus are up there too. Cars, are just a tool for them, not a status symbol, plus they seem to take a lot of road trips, which is why they need a huge truck.

I feel like a black bodysuit would solve all my problems of my shirt coming untucked….

Should I lend money to my financially irresponsible boyfriend? I am going to stay quiet on this one because you all should already know exactly how I feel about this.

I am so happy I found this tshirt knotted video (skip to the middle for the actual good stuff), on how to tie knots on your shirt to change it and make it look pretty. I am OBSESSED with knotting the middle of the shirt and changing it into being draped and gorgeous like this — a cool draping effect without doing much except knotting the middles!

I have no idea why, but I feel like a full gold, bold watch would be an interesting accent piece as a watch. I know it looks terribly gold and flashy, but I feel like it would be just an accent piece as a men’s watch.


  • Lynx

    Lol interesting statistic on cars. I always laugh when people speak about folks who buy pick up trucks. Has anyone really checked the price of a pick up truck lately. A Ford truck can easily run you over $50K one you get a few upgrades which lots of folks in the truck world would consider basic 😁.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      More than $50K! Apparently $100K is not unheard of.

      • mia

        One of the new Silverados is over 100k. It’s a nice ride, and the new driving features on modern trucks make them easier to maneuver compared to their predecessors.

        (On a sidenote: I suspect some of the ultra-high-earners with pickups have them because they are really the best non-commercial vehicles for hauling their expensive toys. While you can haul with a SUV, it doesn’t compare to a heavy-duty or diesel truck. Particularly when you need to safely move your very expensive boat or trailer of expensive horses.)

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