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Review: Amelia E. Cary Sunglasses (Polarized with a Prescription) by

Rocking my new glasses out every day since I got them!

c/o Amelia E. Cary Sunglasses with Grey Polarized option

I was contacted by GlassesUSA to review a pair of their in-house glasses, and seeing as I don’t really tend to venture out into different styles of sunglasses, I decided to give the Amelia E. Cary a try because the shape looks a lot like a cockpit aviator shape, but larger.

I also liked the ombré effect…

I initially thought they didn’t have polarized lenses (an absolute no-go in my book for sunglasses due to eye health for the long-term), so I politely declined their offer.. only to be told that they DO have the option, but only in grey, which meant I couldn’t foray into gold-rimmed sunglasses unfortunately.


Anyway, if you want the polarized option, you will need to click on Add RX Prescription and under Color, choose Polarized Grey.

Hint hint: It would be great if in the future they came out with different polarized colours, and mirrored as well 😉

I like the black rims, the thicker rim at the top and the general shape of it being rather Jackie O (just need to throw on my Burberry trench for the full effect).

The glasses look just like this on me!!!


I will note that the polarized lens only seems to be where there is colour at the top (the grey area), whereas the white, clear section at the bottom is completely un-polarized.

The effect of the polarization on the lenses is also not very strong, I’d say about half the strength of my Ray-Ban cockpit aviator sunglasses, but they are still there and effective.

The way I check for polarization is I wear them, and look at passing cars (especially luxury brands), I am able to see waves or colours in their windshields and windows, which show immediately that they have UV protection built in. I saw it very strongly and clearly in the Ray-Bans, but not as much in these glasses, although I still saw the flickers, but not strong ones.

Another way I try the polarization is to hold it in front of another pair of sunglasses, if the colour changes and they turn darker, it means they’re polarized, and that was the case for the coloured part of the lenses, not the clear part at the bottom.


They’re stylish, the frames feel solid, but I will say they are not as light and do not bend (read: break easily!!!) like the Ray-Ban ones which I had to replace last year after they dropped. *sob* The arms are a little more solid and stiffer, which is a good thing, honestly.

They will hold up to toddler curiousity.

On the whole, I like them, particularly as a trendy pair that you don’t want to spend a fortune on; if you are looking for stylish polarized lenses for cheaper (you can get the rims at 50% off with discount codes from time to time), this is definitely a pair for you.

Here are are the actual glasses:

The honestly look JUST like the ones on Jackie O, on me. I’d show you, but that’d just give away the whole show, now wouldn’t it, seeing as I’m Anonymous? 🙂

If you’re interested, give the Amelia E. Cary Sunglasses with Grey Polarized option a try.

Shipping & Returns are free in the U.S. anyway!

Thank you GlassesUSA for partnering with me on this post. All the opinions expressed are my own and receiving a free product to review, did not guarantee or prompt this favourable review. They really are nice, stylish sunglasses.