Save. Spend. Splurge.

No, I really don’t want to ride a bike in the middle of winter to save money.

Sure, I could save SOOOOOOO MUCH MONEY by not:

  • buying gas
  • owning a car
  • having to replace said car in the future
  • having to repair the car
  • paying for car insurance
  • paying for car-related accessories
  • washing the car


I really, TRULY do not want to ride a bike on the streets where I have seen cars charge bikes aggressively (and bent their wheels to boot!), or knock bicyclists off their bikes.

I do not want to sit on a bike and sweat in summer, arriving all shiny and humid to work.

I do not want to ride in the middle of winter, covered up and muffled, freezing my body parts and my face into little tiny numb, dead fleshy parts.


Not only is it frakkin’ cold, I also would not be able to tote everything I need AND wear what I want (dresses, skirts, etc). I’d have to keep a wardrobe at the office or something ridiculous.

So yes, I am complaining sometimes that it costs a lot of money to have a car, pay the insurance, the gas, whatever, but I do not care.

It is a luxury I can well afford and have saved for, and I am not going to give it up just to save money and be miserable because of money.

I’m too old for that.

What are some things you’re too old for?


  • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

    Imagine Canada. I see them!!! They’re crazy. I can’t even walk in winter, let alone bike.

  • Tania

    Our time is a limited resource, that’s the way I look at car ownership. It all depends on where one lives and their lifestyle otherwise. The time saved by owning a car may be well worth it. And I suck at bike riding (although I live in perpetually good weather). I will hop on a bus or walk every now and then however.

  • nancy

    Bikes as a form of regular transportation are just not for me. I walk or take transit whenever possible and let’s face it, it’s very handy to have a car. My partner and I share a car which is mostly for occasional evenings or weekends. I have a few co-workers who constantly preach the gospel of the bike, but a couple got cars eventually, or they use car share regularly or rent a car on weekends. (But are so proud of themselves for “not having a car”)

    But here,riding your bike has been inflated into the purest, most wonderful, coolest, hippest, most sustainable thing you can do. If you cycle, then your needs come first on roads because you are doing the best thing ever. Props to those who do want to cycle as their regular form of transportation but walking or taking public transit are just as “noble”. And also, in a hilly city, cycling is geared more towards those in jobs where change rooms and showers are provided, which just isn’t the case for a lot of people, especially those earning less and not working in nice office buildings.

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I agree with definitely giving way to people who ride. I give them a WIDE BERTH when I drive and I have to applaud their tenacity in doing so, particularly during winter, because I would not be biking. I’d be, as you say, taking the metro (which I do often as Baby Bun loves it), and walking.

  • NZ Muse

    Riding in Germany (GERMANY!) was stressful enough and almost sent me into a state of panic multiple times. So NFW am I ever going to ride a bike in Auckland.

    But by the same stroke I will never be the person who drives everywhere for convenience, even in winter. I loooooathe driving with a passion. Not good at it, do not enjoy it. Just dinged up the car while reversing yesterday which has made me very unhappy.

    I’ve never been the kind of person who made my own detergent / washed out ziplock bags.

    I used to take up like every freebie ever, do everything possible to avoid paying for parking … nowadays those things aren’t worth it to me (esp as free parking is also generally less secure… learned that the hard way).

    • Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

      I love driving now that I have a toddler and winter has hit. I love it so much I cannot even begin to tell you. I only take the metro when I am gearing up for a day out with Baby Bun because he loves riding the train.

  • ArianaAuburn

    whoever rides a bike in the winter has a death wish. Seriously, I am too old to sleep on the floor. My back can’t handle that anymore.

  • restful

    I was just thinking of selling my car. It has been idling for 3 weeks. Worried the battery will die soon.

  • raluca

    I’ve had a bike accident this summer that ended up with a small shoulder fracture and, the worse part, my tendons were stretched /partially frayed. 6 months after, I still need physical therapy for my shoulder and it still hurts(not nearly as bad, but still, even putting my bra on hurts a little). Bikes are well and good, but they are not without their perils. I’ll take the bus or the car over a bike anytime.

  • Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life

    Yeah, PiC was clipped by a driver – intentionally – when he was younger and riding bikes with his friends. And that wasn’t even on a commuting road where drivers are more aggressive. I know he enjoys biking to work but I can never not worry about him when he does.

    I’m simply too old to stay in cheap motels when we travel now. We don’t stay in the high luxury places either but saving at most $1000 a year on the difference between a motel where I can’t sleep and a hotel where I can sleep AND be physically functional the next day isn’t even a question anymore.

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