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Multi-Functional Matroshka Furniture with Three Rooms

It starts out like this as nested tables, nested cushions and tables and converts into 3 major rooms:


1) Bedroom

2) Couch/Meeting Area and 3) Dining Room

Look at just how neat and multi-functional a place could be.

Really, how often do friends come over impromptu and need to have a dinner or a meeting area?

You usually know ahead of time (enough to re-arrange everything) if there are more than a few friends and they don’t want to crash on the bed.


Here’s the kicker:

$112,000 Swedish Krona = $17,614.35 CAD or 13,500 EUR for those of you out there (Matroshka).

I mean, I want to say it’s made out of fantastic materials, and so on (which I am sure it is), but $17,614 and change is a lot of money for furniture, although you should keep in mind that it’s decorating 3 rooms at once.

It’s about $5871.33 per room, and this is where you squeal and tell me that the dining room looks the same as the couch… but nevertheless, it has a lot of clever, useful storage.

That said, if you only have a small place and can’t really afford to buy a bigger place (or you don’t want to), and you have some cash to burn, this could be an interesting purchase.


  • Alana

    I have moved from a 3 bedroom home into a 10×10 bedroom due to health issues. This is ideal for the storage I need in the small space I have to work with. Shame it’s so expensive. However, wheels are turning to build our own version and use Ikea items.

  • MelD

    Love the principle, even if I wouldn’t pay the price myself…

    Remember that this (and Ikea) are from a country with a history of small urban apartments. In the 1920s a lot of people moved to the cities and there was much quick building to accomodate them. It was normal to have a bench-bed in the kitchen area and a convertible couch, with few if any dedicated bedrooms. A family might live in 2 rooms this way and so have more daytime space but less personal space (and apparently few personal possessions). It is very efficient. I guess most of us have become used to having more space, even in Europe, now, tho personally I like smaller spaces! And multi-use furniture. 😉

    • save. spend. splurge.

      I don’t necessarily like smaller spaces, I like more space, which means in any space we’re in, minimal furniture is key. Our living room is totally bare and I like it like that. The less furniture and stuff, the better.

  • The Asian Pear

    That is SO cool… Although WAY too pricey for what it is. I feel that someone who is more carpentry savvy can easily make that (or Ikea hack it at the very least).

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