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Laurence Basse Inspired Studded Black Leather Moto Jacket (Muubaa)

I was completely enamoured with Laurence Basse (of Project Runway Season 15 fame), who made the most amazing jackets on the show.

She recently opened an online shop here, and I IMMEDIATELY wanted this leather jacket of hers, custom-made running a cool two grand each.

You can see the jacket in the making here in her IG photos, and here as well, and this one is the hammer used on the studs, it is some seriously cool stuff, and seeing as I went through the process, it is NOT EASY.

I decided to re-create this jacket with what I already had in my wardrobe because.. well.. I don’t need another black leather jacket, and the one I have is serviceable but now that I have 3 other moto jackets knocking around in my wardrobe, I can safely enhance the one black one I have to be something a little more badasse, if you will…


This is my lovely Muubaa lambskin moto jacket (review & comparison with other jackets here), which already looks pretty typical of a moto jacket:


I decided to only do the back, not being quite sure about how the sleeves would look with the studs seeing as it might be a bit much for something I want to be still a classic with a twist:

I am SUPER pleased at how it turned out:

The studs looks fantastic and it gives a perfect edge to the jacket while still being a classic jacket in the front.

I had considered studding the front as well but decided against it. I only want it to be studded in the back for just a hint of it, not to go overboard…


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  • Krystina

    You did an AMAZING job! I think you were right to stop there. You seem to be a person who is very precise, and if you did more and it was not 100% symmetrical on the sleeves, it might bother you. Also, the collar on Laurence’s jacket in your photo, with its stiffer and minimalist vibe, lends itself more to all-over studs.

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