Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where the new Miss America comes under fire for wearing her own hair.

I really don’t get the big hullabaloo people make about natural hair. It is gorgeous, comfortable and far more appealing. I can’t imagine having to wear a weave (and freak out about it) or go through the pain each day for my hair.

Raw almond butter is delicious. I love it!

Who are you if you are many things? I loved reading this thoughtful piece from an Hawaiian-born American whose heritage is Japanese, and she has been an American longer than most Americans and yet is identified as “non-American”. I suspect many mixed-race kids or those not visually identified as “white” will find this eerily familiar. I also find it odd when even within the generic “white” label, people are eager to announce that they are half German, quarter Irish, quarter English but if you’re a minority, you just want to be called “American / Canadian” and are less forthcoming about your ethnic makeup. Maybe it is being asked about it EVERY SINGLE TIME that gets your goat. I prefer to look at it as a casual, generally political-minefield-free talking point of interest, and in a positive way rather than negative.

This gorgeous watch is a men’s watch but looks like it could be for a minimalist like me who loves menswear.

How you should handle windfalls and unexpected cash. Me? I just stick it in my bank account and spend as usual. If it were a big amount over $10,000, it would get invested in the stock market.

If you need to carry around a tape measure, I completely suggest that you buy a gorgeous one like this gold leather one.

How much to spend on dating — how exactly does one go about asking for $400 a month to be spent on them? Still scratching my head over that one.

I use this exact notebook at work and love it. It’s incredibly easy to use, write, rip out pages if need be…. and the pages don’t bleed through when you write in inky pen.

I love that she traveled alone and documented her spending. I did something similar but my partner paid (he carried the cash but half was mine), and it was to see family not for leisure.

If you have not started watching Game of Thrones, do not start. It’s addictive. You’re going to get sucked into these storylines, dream about them and get completely disgusted and feel bad wondering what is going to happen to your favourite characters.

Before you move in with someone, read this. I’ve definitely had more than a regret about moving in with boyfriends. Luckily, my last one worked out beautifully. <3

I am considering this map puzzle for Baby Bun. It isn’t a puzzle with pieces shaped like the countries but it looks big enough.

Is your skin tone warm or cool?

This is your chance to snag a Danerys-style necklace that is stunning and a real minimalist statement piece for under $17.


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