Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Where fathers get praised for any little act but mothers are penalized

I really resonated with this article about fathers getting all the praise and mothers getting penalized instead. Have you ever seen a father at work say: I have to go pick up my kid from daycare, and then hear a chorus of: OH WOW.. you are such a great dad ….? But when a mother does it, people grumble and shoot dirty looks at this lazy slacker leaving for her offspring.

I picked up this lip plumping lipstick from Jane Iredale in the colour Montreal (KISMET! It was meant to be), and really love how sheer and buildable the formula is.

This was the website for the fake Palessi shoes — you can tell just by looking at the shoes that they aren’t expensive. Just look at the heels and the soles.

I love the smells of essential oils ( the real stuff ) and this brand Aesop is my new favourite. I bought this Aesop Volumising shampoo and my hair feels softer, and cleaner than with my old shampoos..

Now that she’s divorced, she’s never making dinner for a man again. I find this whole article empowering but also sad. She loves to cook, but that has been ruined for her, that passion….

Bees are one of my favourite insects ever, and this bee necklace from Ann Taylor obviously hits my sweet spot.

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