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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: What it is like to be a male escort

An informative read on what it is like to be a male escort and why women choose to pay for sex too!

I have been really lusting after these affordable Zella Breeze Wide-Leg pants. They are breezy, they look comfy for traveling (no wrinkling), and has a great tie at the waist. It looks fantastic. I am such a fan of wide legs!!

Why people procrastinate and take 10 days to do something that is 10 minutes — are they an exhausted, sleep-deprived parent? Yes? THERE YOU GO. As we speak, I am just remembering that I have laundry sitting in the dryer that I have yet to still put away. It has been 5 days since I dried it.

I am a sucker for cuffs. I love a good cuffed bracelet, and so obviously this one from Sibilia tugs at my heartstrings.

Art therapy works. Making stuff with your hands and being creative works to release stress. I am all about this! I make my own jewellery when I am bored (need a solder though, my necklaces keep breaking because the hoop rings keep coming apart)…

If I could wear off-the-shoulder or strapless items, I would most certainly wear this striped Alice and Olivia maxi dress.

Sorry but I don’t buy this. I would not be putting on a pair of Payless shoes thinking it was worth 100X the money. This only works on people who look at tags and don’t evaluate stitching, materials and comfort. Or maybe people who aren’t used to wearing designer shoes to see the quality that does go into something handmade.


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