Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: The Rarest Gems for sale in December

1. Sotheby’s

Stunning jewels for sale at Sotheby’s. I loved this video. I am not into fine jewellery at all, but I enjoyed watching this.

2. Skirt.. Pants?

What? Colour me intrigued in these bottoms, Z.G.Est…!!!


I love these threads of “Am I The A-Hole”… and this one was a DOOZY about how a father-in-law can’t seem to understand that he’s definitely the A-hole…. I mean, it just gets WORSE and WORSE as you read it.

4. Cuddly

I like it when long robes like this have a hood on them. Makes me feel even cuddlier.

5. Little Bun and Mommy

This video, is exactly Little Bun and I. I am this Mommy Monkey, and he is the Baby Monkey.

6. Wrapped Up

If you are looking for a midnight blue wrap dress that is comfortable, and dare I say royally work appropriate for a reasonable amount (under $250), look no further!

7. Parental Unit

If you’re a Canadian parent, peruse this well-done checklist for parents by my friend Gen Y Money.

8. Caped Avenger

I still haven’t given up on this independent label Allora’s gorgeous cape… *hearts in eyes*

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