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The only things I shop on sale for at Nordstrom

Obligatory post. I OF COURSE looked at the Nordstrom sale, then went through my closet and said: Nope, I really don’t need anything else…


There are some items I stalk, staples really, on Nordstrom and wait until they go on sale because I do love them so.


These black booties are $300 instead of $450... and La Canadienne is a Canadian brand (look at the name!) that makes THE BEST waterproof and weatherproof boots.


These wedge sandals from this brand, are unparalleled in comfort. I wear them to death (I have an old gladiator model style) and this gorgeous Marla wedge pair is really calling out to me for only $90 CAD. They come in red, black and neutral tones.

If you want another pair not quite so high, these flat Innis ones I am sure will fit the bill.


My all-time favourite pairs of jeans, down about $100 CAD from its original price. I don’t have this wash yet either, and it is not too dark and not too light.


They are only $17.90 instead of $28!!

I am far too old and cranky for thongs these days. That is not my thing, and I find full panties or hipster ones are great as long as the material is smooth and shows NO panty line.

I also hate it when the panty is too tight and it cuts into your bum, creating this double butt look. Don’t do this to yourself. It looks terrible. Buy a bigger size.

If you want a really great slip, I CANNOT recommend Commando highly enough… they make a great mink tank slip and it’s on sale too.

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