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In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Greenwashing and the addiction to synthetics

1. Greenwashing

This is a serious issue. If you want to read up on fashion and in general, this article – Fashion Brands addiction to Synthetics was such a good read. Greenwashing is any of the following to me (and more, this is not exhaustive):

  • “Vegan leather” — this is plastic, folks
  • “We will plant a tree for each purchase” — please no
  • “Recycled plastic use!” — this still gives off microplastics, it is within the first 7 washes that microplastics are released

The best options will always be to buy 100% all natural fibers – cotton, wool, etc… or to buy secondhand. That’s it.

2. Hot air balloon

I am thisclose to buying this very cool, blush balloon-sleeve top. I love the balloon sleeve, the drama of it all, and the absolute comfort because it means you can eat and be happy!

3. “They call this a cottage” exactly what my friend wrote in the subject line that made me laugh after I clicked to see this Muskoka Mega-Cottage. I am really confused as to what a cottage is now. I am thinking this cottage business is now getting out of control. I thought it would just be a small little cottage, living slightly rough.. and this looks like anything but.

4. Circular

I love the artistry and beauty in this toquilla straw tote. It is so simple yet… elegant in a way. Like a handheld art piece.

5. Breaking down

the Met Gala looks since 1974 that is! These are Anna Wintour’s favourite looks. I like hearing her take on the pieces because hate her or love her, she really is a font of fashion history, brilliance and knowledge. I really enjoy listening to her breakdowns and my favourite is the one Rihanna wore for China Through The Looking Glass because I watched that exact Met Gala documentary – First Monday in May – and it was just wonderful getting a look behind the scenes.

6. Pop!

I am starting to get into collecting a few Hermès scarves as art pieces in my home – see inspo example here:

And to help that obsession along, I ordered this cute Hermès pop-up scarf book that goes into some detail about the scarves themselves. I bought it in English to read, and French as well just to have both (who knows if they’re collectibles one day).

7. Petri dish

I am .. a little green watching this video – The mouldiest bag we have ever cleaned

I mean.. I feel like people these days, have simply no shame. None whatsoever. I would just be ashamed to even want to salvage this, let alone send it for cleaning or repair. I am a little green now.

8. Masseuse

As I won’t be going to a massage therapist in the foreseeable future any longer, I bought this cordless, rechargeable shoulder and neck massager and have been using it nightly. The first night was rough, I was pretty sore afterwards, but now my body is getting used to being massaged again, and I am feeling my muscles crunch underneath the device, and help separate and break the links. Hopefully this will keep the tension out of my neck and body and help relieve some of it during the time I am masseuse-free.

It is NOT as good as hands. It will never replace a real live person but it is good enough for me to feel relief in these trying times. I will say it does not help my upper back at all (my back shoulder blades are too close together, and it is painful as you cannot adjust the width of the massager to fit smaller backs), but the bottom back section is fine, depending on the rotation the massager is on.

It also heats up (yes it works, but it is not as hot as a Magic Bag, and takes a while to warm up), and it goes through 15-minute increments to massage out the pain. I find 15-minutes perfectly sufficient for what needs to be done.

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