Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.: Canadian Kardashians who make a living out of dating billionaires

Pssst! Poshmark Canada has launched.

For a Limited Time Only, you can get $10 by using my referral code SHERRYISH to sign up (and I get $10 too once you make your first purchase). You can read all about the basics of buying and selling here.

I have sold consignment, on eBay and Kijiji and I am hoping with Poshmark it will be much less of a hassle and less complicated for buyers (shipping fees are a real b%#ch to calculate) to buy from me (and for me to buy from them!)

They are called the Canadian Kardashians and make a living out of being sisters who date billionaires. If you want another perspective on it, the you can read about the untold story of the Canadian Kardashians.

I am very very close to buying this lace pencil skirt because it is reasonably priced and I am somehow veering into very feminine styles lately…

Speaking of expensive, a few people open up about their most expensive purchases and whether or not they saved up for it or regretted it in the end.

Oh this LOFT polka-dotted summer dress is everything I crave right now — dots, pleated, wrap and a midi length!?

Retinol so far, has been the #1 item that has really improved my skin texture and tone. I am amazed. I use the 1% solution but I wish I had read this BEFORE I started on retinols, I may not have experienced all that skin purging and flakiness had I known…

This looks so much like a beautifully draped MM Lafleur top but from Ann Taylor in a matte jersey cowl…. It looks like it could have come from a more expensive store.

J. Crew as a retailer must die to live. Honestly, it is pretty freakin’ simple. BRING BACK good classics, nice tailoring and cute pieces like my favourite linen tipped blazer. That’s it. Make cute stuff.

I live in these Rag & Bone booties. Is it any wonder I own 4 pairs of them in various colours?

If you want a great tutorial on the dupe for the Isabel Marant Leece Belt (shown below), Adina’s got you covered.

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