Save. Spend. Splurge.

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.

HOW CHIC is this woman?

I want to be her, exactly like her when I am her age.

My goodness.

In heels, a stunning black dress and on the coolest retro bike ever. Italians are gorgeous.

I even have this exact dress in my wardrobe, I just need some pearls with it and to go out all Audrey Hepburn @ Tiffany’s style.

  • How cute is this rose gold heart ring?
  • JLaw takes the prize for the biggest salary in Hollywood at $20 million.
  • I used to have a ring just like this but I gave it away and now want it back. C’est la vie.
  • Just the NAME “Land’s End” makes you think of Hobbitville, and solid, salt-of-the-earth farmers. Want to be younger & hipper? Rebrand, or spinoff another company with a cooler name and image so you don’t alienate your core base of consumers. No wonder they failed.
  • We are back to lusting after this pair of moto boots. But I want it on sale.
  • I am dreading taking Baby Bun on the plane. I am so nervous he will lose it…. these are all my worst fears realized. At least we’ll have a free seat beside us if people beg to move away from him. :\
  • Speaking of planes, I was looking for lightweight things to bring for Baby Bun on the plane, he was in love with this for a bit but then got bored. Too young for him.
  • I am insanely productive. Even before I had Baby Bun, I could do quite a lot (as evidenced by my DAILY blog posts, scheduled up to 2 years in advance in the past and I even ran 2 pretty well-known PF & minimalist blogs before I sold them). After Baby Bun, I have found myself becoming more organized because of Baby Bun, but not necessarily more productive so this article was quite curious in saying I would be even more productive having a toddler. That has not been my experience…
  • This coat looks very comfortable and easy to throw over anything.
  • LOVE this recipe for vegan pistachio ice cream. I want to try this out next summer.
  • Is J. Crew finally making a comeback with their blazers? I am sort of curious about the quality but don’t have a store here in Montreal to paw the goods.
  • SP brought up an interesting point about whether you are being paid enough to live where you choose as your home. In my case certainly, but it is more that I consider it my new home now, Toronto having been where I really feel is my “home” as an Anglophone, but I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else presently. That intangibility has more intrinsic value than we think, seeing as I would make it work, even if I earned less.
  • I’d wear this tweed sheath with a nice jacket. Covers everything, looks stylish but still shows off your womanly shape.
  • I won’t be getting plastic surgery any time soon. The closest I will get is probably facials, peels, and that sort of thing. Actual surgery? Er.. no. My face will be aging with the times, wrinkles and all, although I am careful to not frown too often, but will smile uninhibitedly.
  • I tried to snag this blazer for 40% off on a sale but it was oddly missing from all the racks when the sale was on.
  • Maybe it’s having a toddler that does it, but I could not care less about fashion trends these days because it changes so quickly. I follow what I want to wear, what I think would look nice, and of course am influenced by bloggers, but I still have my own style. So overshare all you want, I’m not one of their followers.
  • I have been wearing these wool socks to bed for YEARS. Keeps my feet warm when I am up at 5 a.m. trying to soothe Baby Bun, and cannot or will not, shove slippers on my feet while half awake.
  • Can you imagine wearing this diamond on your hand? LOL No wonder it didn’t sell.
  • STILL OBSESSED WITH THIS TRAVEL WRAP. I own it in 3 colours and it is divinely soft.
  • Women and men are wired differently. It’s why we prefer different activities, instead of going to pointless meetings to sit there and show our face, we would rather mentor someone and connect by talking. Or we would rather spend time with our kids rather than work on the house, so it’s no surprise that we are quietly making the corporate machine turn in the background but getting little recognition for it. I see this at home, I see this at work, I see it everywhere I go. I’m even guilty of it.
  • Sort of dying to get a pair of cashmere pants for bed but I’m afraid I’d get holes in them with having to kneel for Baby Bun’s diapers so often. Once he’s potty trained, I may treat myself to a pair.


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