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The Ideal Style Wardrobe: 5 Fancy Occasion Outfits

Out of a basic 50-piece wardrobe, you should have at least a few items that make you smile and/or make you feel different in some way.

For most people, 3 would do it. For me it is 5 because I am thinking of season, colour… and I seem to have all of these bases covered (and all without a BLACK dress..)

I say special occasion outfits because it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to wear a dress to a wedding or a social event.

A slick tuxedo suit that is super sexy (think: YSL Le Smoking for inspiration) can also be a great outfit to wear to a cocktail and is at least 2 pieces – jacket and pants. Three, if you wear a top underneath. I can do see Angelina Jolie or Diane Keaton doing this.

For me though, it is dresses. I love, love LOVE dresses.

My five special occasion outfits are:

Autumn/Winter Event Dress

This is a cooler weather retro attire dress. It is THICK with pockets and very pretty but too thick and warm for a summer wedding.

It is bright, whimsical, floral and fun. It isn’t meant for every kind of event to be honest, just certain ones a little more casual or retro in flavour.

Autumn/Winter Formal Cocktail Dress

The other I have is white and just as beautiful for a cocktail, even for a business one. It is QUITE formal, almost like a wedding dress (lol) but with the right belt, or accessories it would look different than a wedding dress.

It is fitted, very chic.

Summer Event Long Formal Dress

This is my summer wedding attire dress. It is so pretty and light and unwearable without 4” heels and outside of summer. Well, maybe Spring or Autumn with a very cool sweatshirt over it.

The pattern and print is just so beautiful…. I love it.

I could wear it for Autumn but probably with tights underneath and a cosy cashmere sweater.

Summer Event Cocktail Dress

It can go with flats if I have to, and doesn’t need 4″ heels like the other long maxi dress. It is handmade in Paris (custom-made, unique), and fits REALLY tight with boing.

I feel like there is a trend in my patterns here — flowers like lotus, lilypads… 😉

Trendy Office-y Cocktail Dress

This is my “serious cocktail dress”. Doesn’t hurt it retailed for $4000 but I bought it for $60, BRAND NEW WITH TAGS.

These are seriously pieces I cannot wear out to get the groceries or even to work. I need an Event.

This peplum is a little trendy for a cocktail dress, and the graphic print that doesn’t match is kind of wild.

What are some of your Formal Occasion outfits?


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