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What I liked this week:bunmi-how-to-make-toast-for-a-toddler

What I liked this week:

I am crying with laughter right now. This is how you make toast for a toddler. Mine burst into tears the other day because his banana broke in two and I couldn’t put it back together. I offered to eat it instead, but that generated more tears and sobbing, and he finally ate it, grudgingly like it was poisonous through his haze of sobbing and tears.. After he finished, he asked for more. TODDLERS.

These are THE BEST sunglasses.

A big congratulations to Cassie’s new little baby boy.

I love the ombre print of this dress.


  • Cassie

    Thanks for the shoutout! The munchkin is doing well 🙂

    That video made me laugh. I’m going to have to brace myself for when it becomes my reality in a year and a half or two *cringe*

  • Kate

    My work dress code is pretty relaxed, and much more forgiving for women. The men have to wear a button down, slacks, dress shoes, and are expected to wear a tie. I can wear a fancy shirt, slacks/skirt, and open toed shoes. Women can even wear sleeveless tops so long as the “natural shoulder” is covered, but I always wear a cardigan with those. It’s very nice since it gets so hot in Florida.

  • Vivien

    PLSSSS film next time bun cries over broken banana and cries more when u offer to eat it then asks for more after he begrudgingly finishes it like it’s poison.

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