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How to get coffee stains out of a Burberry trench jacket

OH #$*&#%*#&%#..
You just got coffee on your jacket, and now you want to fix it!
My trick for coffee stains is:
Liquid dishwashing detergent, white vinegar, rubbing alcohol & a sponge.
1. Soak the coffee stained garment in lukewarm water with 1 TBSP of white vinegar & 1 tsp of dishwashing detergent. Try JUST soaking the coffee-stained part.
2. Remove & rinse well
3. Use a clean sponge to dab off the stain with rubbing alcohol with light motions from the center of the stain to the edge of the stain, and keep using a clean tip of the sponge each time you dab to avoid transferring more coffee back onto the fabric.
4. Rinse & wash again right away


It is a Burberry trench, y’all… and if it were me, I’d be afraid it’d leave a ring or something because it is hard to just get water on one part of it & not the rest.
Plus it’s waterproof, so you never know what you’re doing to the fabric by trying to DIY-clean it.
My advice, is the fresher the stain, the better, TAKE IT INTO THE DRYCLEANERS ASAP.
Ask them if it is possible to remove it, and then point out the stain because the longer it sits, the more it stains..
Then if you get it back and the stain is not out, try that trick above..

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