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How to find a doctor or a clinic in Montreal

When I first moved to Montreal from Toronto it was a bit of a struggle for me to acclimatize and figure out how to do basic things I have taken for granted my entire life, living in one city (Toronto).

The main thing was to find a clinic or a doctor in Montreal to do things like vaccinations.

You can’t just walk into any clinic or go to a hospital, you need to find a “CLSC” or Local Community Service Centre.

They handle all of the following:

  • routine health and social services (nursing care, blood tests, vaccinations, morning-after contraception, etc.);
  • preventive or medical services (medical consultations with or without an appointment) ;
  • rehabilitation and reintegration services; and
  • public health activities.

You can see a list of CLSCs here.

You also need to book in advance and schedule for appointments like vaccinations. You can’t just walk in. I did not know this (someone mis-informed me on the phone) and I ended up waiting 2 weeks to get Baby Bun vaccinated.

Otherwise you can also look for other medical clinics by searching online. Universities like McGill and Concordia usually have pretty good pages for students on where to find a doctor.

Otherwise, you can find a list of clinics here.


  • Ula

    Welcome to Montreal! (well, I live on the South Shore really). It’s hard getting a family doctor in Quebec. Are you on the waiting list for one through the CLSCs? I see the one that I started with as a kid when my family moved here 25 years ago. I keep thinking I should start looking for a new doctor before she retires.

  • Kassandra @ More Than Just Money

    Even though I now live in the US, I still keep my family doctor back in Montreal. He’s been our family doctor for 30+ years and he is simply awesome so I’ll happily pay the cost of a visit out of pocke. He stopped regularly taking patients over 15 years ago.

  • SarahN

    I remember going to the doctor in France for the first time, on campus, and you were seen by a nurse first, which doesn’t happen here in Aust. When I was truly sick and the end of my year, I asked a good friend to book me in with a more ‘normal’ doctor, that worked more or less like in Australia.

    • save. spend. splurge.

      Normally we’re assessed by nurses first and then we see the doctor after the nurse determines how bad it is. But we’ve never been actually treated by nurses.

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