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Funny Reality: When you…

When Baby Bun thinks I am not watching him causing trouble..

What the Bombardier executives think when you explain that they should forego salary increases and pay back the $1.3 billion dollar debt they borrowed…

When you are trying to figure out how to make more money in side hustles to cover your expenses…

…and you take inspiration from Breaking Bad….

When you come back from a toddler-free outing and partner tells you that Baby Bun tore rooms apart in toddler bursts of energy and didn’t listen to a thing he said when you were gone….

When you get a letter from the tax agency in your mailbox.

When you’re driving and all the lights turn to green just as you get there…

When the playgroup tries to deliver classes on parenting and life…

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  1. raluca

    The Pickachus dancing – I will find ways to use that GIF in my life :).


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