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If Little Bun had a Biography…..

I was chatting with a colleague the other day about Little Bun, and I don’t know how it came up but I suggested she take him for a few years to give me a break.

She told me he sounded like a lot of mental and physical work compared to her son (she has one of her own), and then I started trying to market Little Bun’s best qualities to her, which turned into a very funny conversation:

Little Bun (also answers to “Baby”)

Weight: Too heavy to carry, that’s for sure

Height: Too tall to sleep on you at night, but he tries anyway

Looks: Very cute especially when sleeping but does not like being called ‘cute’

Cover Letter:

Doesn’t take up too much space, but can eat a lot


  • Can talk in two languages
  • Can read in English very well for his age
  • Is potty trained
  • Can do math in triple digit addition and subtraction now
  • Does not throw a fit in grocery stores for junk food or candy; is generally very well-behaved …. all things considered for his age
  • Knows all the planets and facts about them
  • Excellent appetite, and will eat whatever other kids won’t eat and more
  • Knows all the flags and countries


  • Likes to eat sushi
  • Will also eat in lieu of sushi if you do not have any the following foods: foie gras, tendons, gizzards, avocados, raw almond nut butter, duck confit, croissants, French cheeses, freshly made baguettes, almost all berries and fruits, black olives and anything on Mommy & Daddy’s plate
  • Do not try to give tomatoes, it will be rejected due to its interior’s slimy look and texture
  • Raw vegetables are also out
  • Enjoys peeling tangerines and then slowly picking off all the pith for the next 45 minutes
  • Will eat almost any kind of bread
  • Will not eat low quality or tasteless cheese – we have tried and he has run away


  • Waking up during the night squealing for help in various ways
  • Running away from you when it is time for pajamas
  • Taking baths and splashing in bubbles
  • Taking selfies with Mommy and videos of himself
  • Matching Tupperware lids and gets very put out if you do not let him do it
  • Doing laundry – putting it in the washer and dryer, but hit and miss with helping fold it
  • Putting away / matching bowls in the drawers after they’re washed and dried
  • Hates naps and being asked to sleep
  • Making you read book after book after book until you pass out
  • Picking lint off your socks

….LOL WHO WANTS HIM? I need a break. 🙂 Call me when he’s 18.


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