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Funny Reality: When you…

When your neighbour brags about how many countries her kid has been to and she is not even 3 years old…..

When you wake up to an unexpected amount of money in Paypal from blogging (even though you know it makes wayyyyy less than minimum wage)

When you & Baby Bun realize your partner made our favourite creamy pasta for dinner

When TD bank charges you $1 each time you pay a bill, and you only realize it when you account goes into the negative

When you think winter is over and you get hit by a major snowstorm with nature saying “F&@$ you!”

When you cut your hair and realize you need never pay for it again (I got compliments from unsuspecting strangers!)

When you go out to work at the library and realize you left your laptop at home

When you’re waiting at the Passport office for your number to be called on the board and you are 5 numbers away

When my partner tries to get me to read a book explaining a complicated mathematical concept he is working on…

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