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Do you remember the first time you were conscious of what you were wearing?

I was a little girl for a big event. Christmas probably.

My mother painstakingly curled my long hair into ringlets “like Shirley Temple!”, and tied it half up in a big fluffy red bow on top of my head.

I had a matching white dress covered in bright red polkadots with a red sash, and little bright patent red shoes and white socks.

I felt.. SO.. PRETTY.

I was in my favourite colour at the time (red.. although these days I have a few favourite colours, namely magenta and cobalt blue), and I had everything matching perfectly with these little soft ringlets around my face, not losing their shape and bouncing back and forth like on TV.

It was the first time I realized how clothes could make me feel a certain way. I woke up one day and was “normal” and once I was dressed up, I was completely transformed.

I even got to wear some of my mother’s blush on my cheeks and I just recently had my ears pierced with little gold heart studs (I no longer wear piercings because I have eczema and have battled it for years with pierced ears).

What about you?

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