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Bonus Stuffie Adventure: Halloween Party – Escape Room Time!

This was the Halloween costume we came up with. I had braided some old cloth together, thinking I would reuse it for a necklace later, and Little Bun was inspired to make it the Stuffie’s “hair”:

Then the Stuffies decided they need to do Escape Room, but a Halloween Edition:

So I created Escape Room puzzle ideas & Little Bun coloured them in, and then I cut them out. This first game is putting the pumpkins and ghosts in order (has to be a rainbow order, that’s the trick).

Babiest Stuffie doesn’t understand how it goes, so Little Bun helps him.


AH HAH!!! Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple… wait, Purple? It should be BLUE then Purple!

There. Solved it.

Then we scattered another harder puzzle that I cut up (it’s a pumpkin):

Little Bun helps the Stuffies grab the pieces:


He arranges them on a flatter surface so it’s easier to see what it could be. Biggest Stuffie thinks it could be something to do with a pumpkin based off the orange and black mouth in one of the snippets:


As they slowly work the picture together (Little Bun helps a lot, by offering advice on where the mouth might be and how the paper was torn / cut):


Babiest Stuffie loved being able to solve this one on his own!


And the final piece in place, Little Bun helps them carefully slide it in:


TA DAH!! Look at that satisfied smile!


Another puzzle for the Escape Room, this one is to find the one item in there that DOES NOT HAVE a match.


AH HAH! It’s the STAR in the middle that doesn’t have a match!

They move on to the next clue which was a picture I cut up into 4 pieces for a puzzle to be put together…

Babiest Stuffie is confused where the piece goes:

But then he finds it in the corner, and realizes it has to twist the other way because of the corner being the orange roof!

TA DAH!!!!!!

This is the hardest one of all, they have to spin the purple block to twist it onto the right numbers to make it go through the maze to get to the end.

Babiest Stuffie needs help …

Little Bun helps spin the purple block to land on the shapes

Ooooo they won!!!

They finished the Escape Room, and get a Collectible Card drawn by Little Bun and coloured in that says: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Inside, Mommy wrote out what Little Bun said about the whole situation and how proud he is of the whole Escape Room he dreamed up. He also put a Zombie Stuffie in the corner as decoration.

See? He came up with this idea to colour it green to be a Zombie:

Biggest Stuffie got one too at the back of the card / page.

And this one is Babiest Stuffie, to match him

Little Bun then took the pieces and created new puppet shows out of them for the Stuffies, making the ghosts fly all over the room:

Then he plays a matching game with them.


And they pretend to eat the ghosts because they think it’s candy!


Another matching game:


And the day is done.


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