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Blogger Review: Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Noise Cancelling Headphones

I recently splurged on a pair of . I already owned a pair that I use to travel with, but it is about 8 years old and has to use a wire (no Bluetooth option), and kind of bulkily huge.

What sold me on having a pair of WIRELESS headphones was firstly not having to get entangled up in one particularly during Autumn and Winter when your scarf is cosily wrapped around for neck.


Secondly, Baby Bun would not try to tug or bite at the wires (new annoying toddler habit) because he sees them and knows Mommy is listening to something and he wants to listen too or paw at the iPod.

With these headphones, he just thinks they’re big earmuffs Mommy likes to wear for fashion to go with her outfit which actually may not be that far off from reality these days given the way the fashion industry is.

I used to use an ordinary pair of wired headphones, light and easy to carry but the wires would always get tangled and take 5 minutes to sort out and I felt they were too short for wanting to stick the iPod in my back pocket and still climb and play at the park with Baby Bun.


So I started looking for wireless options and I wanted:

  • Over-the-ear: I hate the feeling of squished ears
  • Folds up flat and is light enough to carry on a daily basis
  • Wireless
  • Compatible with an iPod Touch
  • Nice looking headphones, preferably in rose gold or just beautiful

Pretty simple right?

I checked out only two brands known for headphones: Dr. Dre Beats and Bose (By accident as I didn’t even know they had a wireless version)

Dr. Dre Beats was the forerunner because it had a pair in gorgeous rose gold but they were on-the-ear and I started reading about how they were a bit hard to clean, being white leather and all for the ears (and I do wear makeup on occasion so they’d get filthy).

I soon settled on a pair called Sky Blue as an option because I have a penchant for blue, particularly navy blue in devices and electronics.

They were over the ear and otherwise pretty much perfect except that they didn’t fold up nicely like my Bose headphones and were not specially airplane compatible with a converter.

I came across the final pair I got the by accident browsing on the sites and it is their newest, latest model.

It just released in June 2016 and most pundits call it the best pair of wireless headphones on the market; which may be justified because Bose to me equals outstanding sound quality the way Nikon or Canon is meant for cameras.

It was more expensive than the Dr. Dre Beats pair by about $150 but they could fold up to be flat (huge bonus) and had an airplane plug converter (less important).

They had a nice silver version (black is so boring) but I decided on the navy blue option and was surprised to see the letters done in rose gold. Kismet, I tell ya!


It was a limited edition, so it may not be in stores any longer.

Bose doesn’t seem to cater at all to women because they don’t think about having PRETTY things ..

But I suppose since we have all been up in arms about having all these things done up in pink (screwdrivers come to mind) as an attempt to attract women, they may have just given up and didn’t want to seem sexist.

(Still. A nice red or rose gold pair could not have hurt them.)



Once you put them on, even before they’re turned on, the noise level disappears. Obviously if you increase the volume you hear even less. I don’t hear any phones ringing, people talking.. it just looks like their mouths are moving.

When you turn on the noise-cancelling, the whole world melts away, I do not hear a single thing when I’m out and walking.

🙂 I’ve mastered toddler lip reading and telepathy to figure out what Baby Bun could possibly be saying or want from me to avoid looking like some deadbeat mother ignoring her bundle of joy at the playground, asking for constant attention


Lightweight and it even fits my small head (many headphones aren’t small enough to hug tight and on the smallest setting they’re perfect).

Has the softest lamb skin leather-like covering called Alcantara (an ultra suede) on the headphones possible, like a toddlers clean bottom.

Solidly built, doesn’t feel plasticky at all or cheap, which should be the case for that price!! It is actually glass filled nylon so that’s why it doesn’t feel like plastic — it isn’t.

Stylish lettering in raised metal on the ears that simply say: Bose

Bose is also a really well-known brand for audiophiles, and I’m pleased they came out with this verison.


Has large lettering INSIDE the headphones to tell you Left or Right but you can also tell by knowing the right side has the wireless switch.

Easy to adjust the volume and pause the music with buttons on the right ear.

Can turn on Siri if you have it by holding down on the middle button.

Can go back or skip tracks by double-pressing or triple-pressing the middle button (OMG YES!). The only thing I will say is don’t do it too quickly as it turns off the headphones because it thinks that’s what you want. Tap twice, a bit slowly, and it will skip a track. Or tap three times and it goes back.

I also love that the inside of the headphones tell you LEFT or RIGHT.



It also folds up by having one of the earbuds bend (FINALLY!) so the case is much smaller than its predecessor, and at least, not as strangely shaped.

Easily folds up, or can be put around your neck or taken off and slung around your purse handles


The range is incredible. Zero dropping out when I’m at the playground. I hide the iPod into my purse and then go and play in the sand with Baby Bun without worrying about it dropping into the sand, water or anywhere else by accident.

I have tried it in the apartment but I suspect the walls are concrete because once I go into a bedroom, it cuts out. If I stay in the hallway, or within range of my laptop, then it is clear as day.


Quite easy to pair with my iPod touch as it is Bluetooth enabled, and when you turn it on it speaks to you: “Ready for..”

Once paired with a device it remembers it!

You can toggle between your laptop and iPod by sliding the wireless switch forward again (it talks to you to let you know what it is connected to, disconnecting from and what the device name is) and even keep BOTH connections open if you want, LOL!! They thought of everything



No more AA batteries to carry around any longer, I can just charge the battery and it lasts for a solid 20 hours with constant use.

I also love that I can do a quick charge on it to make it last a little longer if I am stuck somewhere and it’s about to die.

When it hit about 60% of a charge, the woman’s mechanical voice started telling me: 60% Charged.


They may not apply to everyone, but they did for me:

Can’t turn off the noise cancelling option to use them as plain headphones for when I am sitting still at a desk, because even though I bought them for noise cancelling, I have a sensitivity to the technology so I would have liked that option to use them as a regular headphones

Note: I have severe sensitivity to air pressure changes in my ears which triggers my motion sickness and could escalate to vertigo, so unless I’m walking and the music is up loud enough to drown out the noise cancelling part, I potentially could get dizzy and vomit.

This is true of ALL noise cancelling headphones for me. I can hear my blood beat when I walk with those headphones, when there isn’t music.

Can’t use it to talk on your phone, you’d have to switch out to some earbuds, which is not a concern for me as I avoid cellphones but it might be inconvenient for those who want it to toggle back and forth.

Makes my ears all sweaty after a few hours, it is solidly put over my ears and if you schfitz like a fountain like I do even in the dead of winter, you will need to wipe down or air out your ears once in a while.

Can look or feel bulky but that’s what you get with these kinds of headphones.


My old pair used batteries, and the case looked far bulkier than the one below. I always wondered why they never folded up, but now they do!

I also find the case much smaller, a little less awkward in shape to carry as well, with a handy little loop:

It’s thinner but longer than the old one.

Then you have pockets at the back as usual:

It is a bit fatter too, but what I found odd with the old Bose headphones was that it was fatter at the bottom and slimmer at the top.

In short?

If you are in the market for one of the best wireless headphones out there to cancel noise, look sleek and have the money to buy it, I cannot recommend these enough.

They are AH-MAZING.

It would also be an amazing Christmas gift if you plan on maybe pooling your money with other people and buying that one person (who really wants / needs them), these headphones.

Great for travelers, students, even mothers like me who go out a lot pushing a stroller around and want to listen to music uninterrupted.

It would rock their world, guaranteed.


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