Save. Spend. Splurge.

What should I buy myself if I get a contract?

I know what you’re thinking:

OMG. She’s not even working and she’s making a plan to buy MORE STUFF as a reward or a treat as having gotten a job after chilling out for like 3 years!?

And hasn’t she been buying and spending like mad ANYWAY?

Umm. Yes.

Please don’t judge. I’m weak and hedonistic.

My very weak justifications for why I need a celebratory present for landing a contract are as follows:

  • I haven’t worked for 3 years. Isn’t that cause for celebration when I am able to get a contract!?
  • I will be working the entire time and won’t have time to relax or do anything, especially with a baby
  • I don’t shop / spend a lot of money when I work. I’m very extreme in that way, it’s either ALL OR NOTHING.

So… that being said, that’s why I need to figure out what to buy myself as a gift once I get a contract.

Here’s a short list, disguised as a OMG I WANT THIS SO BADLY RIGHT NOW I COULD CRY, list:




This is a given, don’t even question this one.

It’s not even included as a “maybe”.


This is a given.

(WHAT!?!? You’re all screaming right now, I can hear it.)

But chill. Really. I need the laptop for work.

I have had a Dell PC and a Sony PC because I can’t really use Macs at work, but I am fed up with PCs dying after a year of use.

I’m buying a goddamn Macbook and installing Fusionware. It’s my last hope of having a computer that won’t get a black screen after a year of use, die in the middle of working, or have a battery that doesn’t last more than 5 minutes.

I have had my Macbook Pro for about 5 years now and it’s still going strong. I only had to replace the logic board recently because I really REALLY use my Macbook pretty much 15 hours a day, every day, and it’s working like new again.

I also need accounting software because I do my own books.

I plan on never buying another damn PC for work for at least 5 years or longer. I’ve gone through so many PCs and always buy a new one each year, that it isn’t even funny any more.


If I end up deciding to take public transit instead of buying a car, I’m buying a pair of these headphones.

I own a pair of Bose over the ear, noise-cancelling headphones but they are overkill for a commute and they kind of give me a headache if I am not using them while being stationary.

See, if I am walking or moving about, I can hear my blood swishing in my ears and it really bothers me to not get enough air flow and to feel this kind of weird pressure of the noise-cancelling feature.

I have the same problem if I wear very snug, silicone in-ear headphones.

Therefore, if I take the bus, I am buying a pair.


Now for the fun stuff!!

I am deciding between custom made Poppy Barley flats or Lanvin ballet flats.

Poppy Barley is about $200 USD, Lanvin, $500 USD, assuming neither go on sale.

Ever since my Frye Carson flats (they suck, don’t buy them, more on that later in a separate post), stretched out and basically are unwearable, I don’t really have neutral-coloured ballet flats of any kind. My only 2 pairs of flats are bright citron yellow or bright blue and yellow.


So yes. I am looking into a pair of neutral ballet flats.

That’s it.


Yes. That’s it. That’s all I really REALLY want to buy for myself once I get a contract.

Unless of course.. you can come up with better suggestions. I’m all ears.


I think it’s the most practical purchase I can buy to treat myself. I have been eying things like moto boots, this awesome jacket, bla bla bla…. but I don’t need more shoes and clothes that aren’t going to be useful / practical but I really REALLY need a pair of neutral flats.


  • Alicia

    I’d love to get a new computer. My laptop is a 5 y/o sony that doesn’t have the power to really crunch numbers any more. But if I need a new one (aside from my desktop in my office) I’d get work to buy it.

    As for your splurges – love the idea of the personalized flats, and macarons.

  • Gia T.

    Oh definitely yes to macs (macbooks and macarons lol)! My 4-year-old Macbook pro is still going strong, whereas my two PC’s have long since conked out.

  • Michelle

    Shoes. Get the shoes. I’m loving Poppy Barley BTW, the classic ankle boots in blue jean are beautiful.
    Hope you get the contract!

  • Melissa

    Getting a PC isn’t even an option for me anymore – my bf built me a desktop PC, and it’s nice and stuff, but what do I use the most? My 4 year old Macbook Pro laptop. Knock on wood, nothing in it has died yet, but it’s slow because I haven’t moved all my pictures off and on to an external hard drive. That’s my next big purchase 🙂

    When I get into the freelance thing seriously, I have already said I’m buying a new Pro – and I’ll look into accounting software too, because I do our books. Does accounting software really help a lot?

  • Erastus

    Buy something touchable and long lasting that will act as a reminder of the day you got your contract.

  • Maria Nedeva

    Here is to getting this contract! And agree on the Macbook Pro – I’m getting one for work and can’t wait.

  • Midori

    Poppy Barley seems interesting… I might get a flat too because I can’t find any that’s comfortable!

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