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Sunday Shopping: Work in your car a lot? You may need this.

I work in my car a lot. When I am at the office, I log in and work but I am more of a nomad freelancer.

I like being at home for sure, but I also like going out to a cafe, logging in and doing stuff.

I also run errands during the day in between working, and will stop and log into my laptop in the parking lot after returning or buying something let’s say.

Sometimes, I work so much or am on conference calls for so long, stuck in the car (hotspotting off my phone), that my laptop begins to die.

If you are like this, or even if you are not but do a lot of long trips in your car, here is the thing that has really saved me with my devices in the car – Foval 12V inverter that converts your 12V car plug into a power source

It has one less main plug, and is slightly smaller as you can see, it fits right in your hand, about 1/4 of the size of a brick, close to something like one of those small jewellery boxes that you use to display things in.

I have found indispensable for working in my car, as it’s like my second mobile office with heated, spa-like seats (haha).

The only downside of this product is the slight electric whine I hear, but at least it works. The one recommended by Amazon didn’t work AT ALL. :-/

P.S. — Bestek is the one that was recommended on Amazon, but it doesn’t work for my laptop charging which is the main reason for this purchase anyway.

USB charging my phone? No problem.

Laptop? Zero power. It was also almost DOUBLE the size of the Foval above – just look at it versus the little guy. I would say it was about the size of half a brick, bigger and heftier than a can of soda pop, I can barely hold it in one hand as it is so wide.

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