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“Be the better white guy”

I watched this short Ali Wong clip and she nails it. Any white guy who complains that being anything but a white guy means you have a leg up in life, is delusional. Straight up delusional.
There are so many more opportunities just because you’re white.
Then if you’re a man.
Then if you’re a tall man.
Then if you’re a good-looking man. (Subjective. I know…)
The opportunities for white guys FAR outweighs the ones who are not. Period. End of discussion.
I’m also not here to do your work and “prove” anything with what I’m saying above.
All I can say in response is: Would you like to be a woman of colour for a day, and see how you’re treated?
The DISRESPECT is ridiculous. Even in this day and age. Just in the news alone – how women are gaslighted, how they’re referred to, how men react in the comments on my posts or in direct messages to me when I post such stories. It’s exhausting and endless.
So yeah. Being a white guy is NOT a disadvantage. They just think it is because the mediocre ones aren’t being entertained any more, and there is real competition coming their way.
They are just so used to getting everything done their way with zero resistance, and pushback, that when they get any tiniest little bit of opposition, they are indignant and outraged it even happened.
They can’t even imagine what it’s like to get this resistance and pushback from the day you’re born as a girl and/or person of colour, and basically anyone who is not a heterosexual cisgender white male.
Instead of being handed everything for being born white and male, the mediocre ones now have to work for it, and compete in a larger, more diverse pool … and they’re confused.
They’re confused because their lack of effort in the past gotten them this far; they’ve barely done anything, and still made it to the top!
Now to get to the top or stay there, they may have to deliver results?!!!
I guess we should feel some pity for these mediocre white men, they’ve never been taught or trained to handle any kind of real adversity or resistance to their male whiteness, unlike their competitors.
So thank you Ali Wong, for having the platform to speak the truth.

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