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Ask Sherry: On where I keep my investments – personal or company, and the coronavirus

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How does the coronavirus affect you or the area you live in right now? Does it affect your contract work since everyone in your office can’t go to work due to self quarantine or watching their kids? I know it affects quite a bit of working family here with no other source of childcare 🙁

For me and the project personally, it changes nothing. We all just switched to working from home, and I haven’t really gone into the office before the virus lockdown for 2 weeks.

The watching the kids part, yes that is the one that kills me. I am basically having to manage my son’s expectations of Mommy At Home versus What Mommy Can Do Right Now. I have no other family, or childcare, but my partner is also at home, so I am relying on him heavily to keep my son entertained and away from me when I am on calls.

Lots of screen time is happening, basically. And a lot of this:

Are you investments considered personal investments or do you invest under your company’s name? Is there a reason you choose one method over the other?

They are in both but more personal than company. I don’t really choose one method over another, it just depends on how much I take out in dividends from the company each year, and have to then pay personal taxes on.

If I keep it mostly in cash in my company, I can just withdraw dividends, pay personal taxes, and then invest the money.

If I keep it invested in my company, I tend not to sell it because then it incurs taxes for the company, and then personal taxes to take out the money.

Basically, my company is my future investment portfolio to draw upon, but eventually I need the money to live, so I have to sell the investments to release the cash.

I really like the Chico’s brand of clothing, but I can’t find out where they are made..can you help?

I would contact their customer service. They are likely made in China, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc.

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