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Around The World in 3 Minutes

This should save me a lot of money. Three short 1-minute films entitled: Move, Learn, Eat that takes you around the world by filmmakers Rick Mereki, Tim White and Andrew Lees.

11 countries in 44 days, 38,000 miles, and over 1 terabyte of video data later this is the result of their hard work:

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Posted on November 21, 2017

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  1. villas lloret

    Three videos and three three minute wow, amazing i really enjoyed watching all of them.And yes Eat one i can’t.

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      Glad you liked them!

  2. Liquid_Independence

    44 days is a long time. My boss only gives me 10 to 15 days of vacation a year lol. Looks like a lot of fun. Good for these guys. Some people actually get paid to do these sorts of things. I remember hearing about this guy who went around the world recording videos of himself dancing with random people lol. He later got himself a contract with Visa or something.

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      I think he was dancing or hugging people. I remember that!

  3. The Asian Pear

    I’ve seen Eat before but not Move or Learn. Of the 3, Move was my favourite in terms of videography and editing. Eat just made me hungry. =P

    1. Mochi & Macarons

      I think it’s a great idea to have these videos, but you certainly can’t watch the Eat one without having a meal in front of you.

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