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What I sold: The Summer 2019 Edition

I am pretty much only using Poshmark Canada to sell clothing now. You can use code SHERRYISH to sign up and get a free $15 credit to shop with. Also, I did a mini review on how it works here – Poshmark Canada is live!

The following is the item, usually a picture, and what I got for it:

Burberry Classic Coat – $1100

After having Little Bun, my shoulders and torso expanded by an inch. It was enough to make this already slim-fit coat become unwearable. I tried hard to keep wearing it for a while but the sleeves dug into my arms when I carried a purse and left red bruises.

So… bye bye. Sniffle. I did keep the special edition belt and the cuffs that came with the coat and sold it with the classic belt and cuffs (shown on the right). If I buy another trench in the future, it will be with the cuffs and belt added for a special touch.

The coat was 14 years old and my first purchase once I was well into the black financially once I started freelancing, and cost $1919 taxes in. I got back 57% of my total cost.

Level 99 Mid-Rise Jeans – $16

I realized too late that I don’t like mid-rise Jeans. Luckily these were heavily discounted at Winners and this is almost the price I paid for them ($16), so I don’t feel too badly.

Stacey and Dagg Village Skirt – $21.50

No longer buttons. I also don’t love the feel of it any more. I bought it because I love city and landscaped or map things, but this one has a pale beigey scheme that is not my vibe any more. I found it hard to wear as all my tops are so bold and bright. They never “went”.

North Pole Scarf – $21.50

I so rarely wear it I thought it ought to go.

Zara Brown faux vegan suede jacket – $15

I so loved it when I got it but realized I never liked wearing brown coats or jackets. So bye bye. I still have the taupe version of this and like it a lot.

Club Monaco High-Waisted Bernadine Skirt -$15

I LIVED for this skirt and coveted it so bad when I got it but then I gained weight and a size 2 was a no bueno. I needed size 6.. and I also couldn’t wear it.

High waisted, fine. But it was SO HIGH there were no tops I had that worked as it was also a belted paper bag waist. I needed tight tanks underneath and that really limited the range of this skirt.

I also felt like it made my torso so short, the paper bag top came up to almost just under my bust.

J. Crew Purple Tippi sweater – $15

Strangely enough, amethyst purple is not a colour I like in sweaters. Just never wore it. I got it for $20 so I didn’t lose much.

Lululemon Black Jacquard Print Leggings – $39

I knew when I got them I didn’t love the print but I needed 5 leggings to go to yoga daily so I got it. Huge mistake. I never wear it because.. I HATE THE PRINT.

LOL. I still have my other pairs of leggings and ironically I don’t do yoga daily.

I love them though and wear them on park outings now. With sneakers. Yes, real sneakers.

Kate Spade NY World Map Scarf – $17

I have so many scarves. I barely wear them all. I need to start culling.

I got rid of this one because it is too thin, and I already have a similar, more graphic NYC yellow and black scarf in viscose.

I also don’t really wear / like pastels and pinks as often as I like bold bright graphic scarves, so this went.

Lastly, I have a similar-in-feel scarf from Kate Spade of NYC in a cute grey Manhattan block print that has similar colours, so.. yeah. Bye bye.

Style & Co Wrap – $5

This wrap when I bought it, I thought it was black and cream, but it arrives as BROWN and cream. I am really not a fan of brown, so off it went.

I bought it as part of a $25 package, and netted $5 out of this sale, so my other 4 items cost only $5 as a result. Sweet.

Nike Dri-Fit Grey Workout Shirt- $5

I don’t wear t-shirts to work out. I prefer tank tops. I wore this a few times, it is still in great condition, probably paid like $70 for this.

Oh well, I would have donated it. Bye bye shirt!

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Posted on November 21, 2017

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