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What each country leads in (or is good at) [MAP]

It’s interesting to find out what each country “leads” in, particularly when I saw Spain leads in Cocaine (.. that rhymes!)

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  • USA: Nobel Laureates and getting killed by lawnmowers
  • Canada: Maple Syrup and Asteroid Impacts
  • China: CO2 emissions and renewable energy
  • Brazil: FIFA World Cup Titles — I cannot WAIT for the World Cup!!!! (Oddly enough, Brazil is not known for their Brazil Nuts)
  • Japan: Robots
  • Mexico: Getting struck by lightning
  • Australia: Cricket and Melanoma (eeep!)
  • New Zealand: Sheep and Rugby
  • France: Tourism (Eiffel Tower, natch!)
  • Spain: Cocaine
  • Portugal: Graduating High School

Very cool.

(Thanks to Geek in Heels for the original lead)


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