Save. Spend. Splurge.

The case of the ME TOO spending

Ever feel like you get into this trap? You go out with a friend, read an enabling blog you shouldn’t (*cough*), see something on TV or in a magazine and suddenly feel the need to buy it?

Yeah. I’ve been sort of feeling like that, working in NYC. Wardrobe-Closet-Shoes-Ballet-Flats-Collection-Red-Michael-Kors-Frye-Leather  There are some CUTE outfits out there, and I keep walking by these awesome-looking, independent clothing shops that look like they have the nicest things. Then I read blogs while waiting for the plane, or .. well, I just browse online.

The only thing that saves me is I’ve felt too busy and fatigued to even think about shopping (even in NYC), which had done wonders for me seeing as I only bought a uber expensive leather jacket I’ve been eying for years (on sale no less!!) last month and NOTHING ELSE!! I still get the ME TOO itch when I read beauty or fashion blogs, but this is what helps right now:

  • Being tired from 11+ hour days (damn project)
  • Traveling a lot between 3 cities
  • Thinking about whether I really need it
  • Asking if I actually want it
  • Thinking about my money goals ($250k!!)
  • Looking at what I’ve spent this month
  • Looking at my upcoming expenses

After I go through that thought process, I flop on the bed and pass out into a deep, relaxing 3-hour nap which eliminates any chance of my spending money, unless it’s online.

Temptation vanquished. (Umm.. did I mention that I am only considering venturing into a store just because I have a J. Crew gift card I have to use up?

It has $9 on it and I am trying to figure out what I can buy for $9 at J. Crew. Maybe a broken headband or something. Or a piece of a belt. On sale.)


  • jeweliette23

    The fashion temptations in NYC are TERRIBLE.  I’ve found that every gf who’s moved here (and myself included), who didn’t care about designers and such before, suddenly feel pressured to carry a 2k bag, wear trendy carefully put together outfits, etc.  It’s too easy to pop into a store on your way home.  Even Duane Reade is a money drain b/c you always find yourself needing stuff from there.  Be strong!

    • Mochi & Macarons

      I don’t really feel the need to buy super expensive stuff but I see a lot of Louboutins and Manolos….
      I just see so many cool independent things!!!

  • Leigh

    I find that working in a male-dominated field helps a TON with this, since there isn’t really much “me too”. I also am not allowed to buy jeans/shirts/coats online. That helps too.

    I do buy shoes online, but that makes it less stressful than going to a store and I’m cautious.

    I also am a bit of an engineer in my shopping that I tend to look for something specific. Like yesterday, I went shopping with a friend and I went into Lululemon looking for a headband (who knew that a ponytail was not sufficient for running sports to keep my hair out of my face?!) and that’s all I saw / came out with. I did buy a new top apiece at Banana Republic and Loft though…

    And then if I don’t wear an item I bought within a week, I force myself to return it.

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