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The 5 Golden Rules of Life, Business and Career

Every time I read a tragic story about how someone got screwed in business or at work, it always ends up being a problem because they didn’t respect one of my 5 personal golden rules of business.

I have my own 5 personal golden rules that I apply to my own life. It’s not just in business or in your career that these rules are applicable!


Did someone offer you a stellar salary? A corner office? Those spreadsheets you desperately need by Friday?

Get it in writing.

Any decision that is made that is significant and important, should be in writing, be it an email, or on a napkin.

You need proof that they said it and in my experience, unless they are willing to write it down with their name attached to it, you have to assume it’s never going to happen or it was just hot air.


Don’t trust wolves to watch your sheep, so to speak.

If you have a deal that is going down, a contract that is being written that you have to sign, have it verified independently.

Don’t assume that the person or organization writing the deal (be it your job contract, or otherwise), has your best interests at heart — they don’t; they have their best interests at heart.

I’ve seen contracts before that have stipulated I have to give 2 month’s notice before I quit a project but they are allowed to fire me at any time. I never sign those, and frankly I’d rather turn down the contract than work for crooks.

Don’t be naive and don’t assume that people care about you — they may or they may not, but you can’t know that until you establish a relationship with them which does not happen in the first 10 minutes.


No one is more interested in your money than you rings true here. Speak up when something is wrong and be honest. Otherwise, people will just walk all over you and use you until you have nothing left to give.

I find in particular, women have the biggest problem in this area. They are shy, timid or voiceless in the face of bullies and they shouldn’t be.


I find that when people are swept up in the glamour of a new job, promotion or deal, they tend to forget to check the details until it is too late.

The devil they say, is in the details. You can get 99% of everything right but if they conveniently forget to leave out the 1% that is THE MOST important thing to you, it was all for naught.


Don’t hire based on friendship, favours, cost, or any other reason than you think that the person or organization is the right one for the job.

Hire the best, or put in the hours of research and work, and do it yourself.

I do this for the taxes for my corporation — I do all of it by myself and frankly I think I do a better job because it is my company and I care.


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Sherry of Save. Spend. Splurge.

Am my own Sugar Daddy. Am a millionaire at 36 after getting out of $60K of student debt in 18 months, a little over a decade earlier, using I have worked 50% of my career (taking 1-2 year breaks), and quadrupled my income within 2 years of graduating, going from $65K to $260K with an average lifetime savings rate of 50%. I have 11 side incomes that are on track in 2020 to make me $50K - $75K. I could retire today if I wanted, but love my work-life balance as a freelancing consultant in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). I am all about balance - between time and money, and also enjoying my money. I also post daily on Instagram @saverspender.

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  1. Dan

    Yes, these 5!

    (Try to anyway…)

  2. Kayla

    Great tips. The get everything in writing one is the one that I abide by the closest. If I have a phone conversation with a client I will follow it up with an email outlining what we talked about and file it away for reference later so that we’re both clear on expectations..

    bookmarking this for future reference! Thanks!


      I have had brokers backtrack from a rate we agreed on verbally.

  3. Jaime

    I think this is wise. I’ve heard a lot of freelancers get screwed over not having a contract or because they previously had a good relationship with a client, even a favorite client, they went ahead that one time without a contract and it changed their relationship with their client forever.

    This little proverb from the bible sums it up for me:

    “A gullible person will believe anything, but a sensible person will confirm the facts. A wise person is careful in all things and turns quickly from evil, while the impetuous fool moves ahead with overconfidence” (Proverbs 15-16, The Passion Translation)


      What a great proverb!!!! Thank you.


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