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Style Shopper: Exact & Dupe for the Meghan Markle’s Oversized All Saints Ridley White Knitted Sweater

Ever since I saw this sweater on Markle, I have been obsessed with hunting it down.


From extensive research, I have determined it is an old style of the All Saints “Ridley” sweater and it is sold here in different colours but not cream / white.

The problem is that this “Ridley” name spans SO many sweater styles at All Saints that just because it says “Ridley” doesn’t mean it is that exact knitted, rib look, with the turtleneck AND the larger-sized torso look that I am going for.

In fact, in the picture it looks like it isn’t even the right sweater even though most people are in agreement it is the Ridley one, but I think the knit that Markle has on, looks much thicker especially at the neck and it is this exact Ridley version which is 95% wool and 5% cashmere.

It should look like this:

In any case, this is an old turtleneck, in WHITE no less that I would be hard pressed to find again, in pristine continue (no yellowing pits, or gross stains) secondhand, let alone new with tags, so I managed to find this rather close lookalike from Ckikou for $34 CAD + $12 CAD shipping ($45 CAD total).

I am surprised at how close it is, it looks PERFECT.

They’re calling this a tunic “DRESS” but who are they kidding? This is a sweater, not a dress. The front turtleneck, the oversized torso, it all is VERY SIMILAR to the one Markle is wearing:

Happy shopping!

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