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Smart Glass: A glass that goes from clear to opaque with a flip of a switch

Using low power electrochromatic technology, you can have it all — clear, cloudy or opaque glass.


Look at the practical applications for an office!




This is such a great idea for windows, but especially for homes that have full-length windows like these ones:



A perfect way to bring in nature without compromising on privacy, especially if you have a small space and could use all the illusion of space that you can get.


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  1. Rae

    I can already imagine future homes with this. This is going to be a standard window glass.

  2. Clarisse @ Make Money Your Way

    Wow, I totally love this one! We only have sliding glass window and sliding glass door. And I think it would be perfect if I have this kind of glass!

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      I hope it becomes commercial!

  3. The Asian Pear

    OMG. I love this. I can so see this for a bachelor’s apt.

  4. Jen @ Jen Spends

    We looked into this for a project at my old job. We were designing a big humidor/lounge with glass windows, and thought it would be cool to have the clouded look when it was closed, then clear when it’s open for business. The project never went forward, but it’s definitely a really cool concept. It was fun working at a place that had a big budget, so we could look into newer technologies like this.

    I have so many spots in my house where I need privacy for brief times, but most of the time want the sunlight flowing in. It would be nice doing that with the flip of a switch instead of wrangling with blinds or drapes.

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      Tell me about it. Can you imagine not having to deal with hanging blinds and so on?

  5. Taylor Lee

    Ooh, I’d love these for my someday-house!

    1. save. spend. splurge.

      Me too. It would be so neat as windows.

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