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Style Help: Fool-proof, chic outfits that work with flats, heels or boots

What I love best in all of these outfits is all the options in changing the top, bottom & shoes to achieve a different look and ALL of these outfits can do that.

To top it off, then you can even add accessories to change the look even more (or leave it unaccessorized), and that brings a whole new layer of style.

The options are endless, truly.

Outfit #1: Simply wrapped


A wrap dress

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Wrap dresses are amazing. They look great on women with curves because you highlight them and if you don’t have any curves, then wrap dresses create them for you.

You just can’t lose with a wrap dress.

I like faux wrap dresses as well because you never have to worry about any nip slips (always good to wear a slip underneath if you are so inclined).

I also love actual wrap dresses because you can tighten and loosen it as much as needed which is great if you gain or lose weight, which I have done a couple of times. You are able to eat and loosen the dress discreetly in the bathroom, or tighten it if you want to have a tinier looking waist.

Wrap dresses also come with long sleeves, short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, shorter or knee-length, even maxi-length!

You can choose whatever style matches the best with your body type as well. As an inverted triangle I prefer 3/4 or long-sleeved dresses that are knee-length because it is the most flattering.

Then you can add a blazer or a sweater over it if you wanted.


Outfit #2: Oversized chic


Oversized sweaters paired with cigarette/skinnier pants

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Oversized sweaters let you look casual yet put together without needing to worry or fuss.

If a sweater is oversized, it hides all flaws, and hangs nicely on all frames depending on the neckline (crew, v-neck, square, or boatneck).

To obtain said oversized sweater, buy a size or two larger than what you’d wear.

As for the pants, they can be leggings, or they can be skinnier straight-legged pants if you are not comfortable in leggings, and make sure the hem hits at the ankle or just a little above. Any higher or any lower and it looks off.

If your pants are too long, then cuff them. If they’re too short, sell ‘em & buy new, longer ones.


Outfit #3: Polished jet-setter


Blazers and a t shirt that is either solid coloured or graphic with cigarette/skinnier pants (more formal) or jeans (more casual)

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This works because the blazer (either structured and sharp or with softer, more fluid style), gives some serious structure to a basic tee & pants. It steps it up a notch without making too big of a deal about it because it is after all a t-shirt & jeans/pants.

A blazer totally changes that casual dynamic into something so much more polished than a sweater. A great blazer is also JUST as comfortable as a sweater, believe me.

Want to go more casual? Take the blazer off. Add a sweater. Or leave it as-is.


Outfit #4: Prim but not too proper

Blouse tucked into a skirt (a line or pencil) with a sweater or soft blazer

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A feminine outfit that can be super sexy (the skirt is shorter or tighter and there are high heels), or more demure (the hem is longer).

The edge comes from the opaque black tights, but in the summer, just a summery sandal will do (a thinner heel is sexier than a chunky one).

What is great about this outfit is all the possibilities.

Let’s start with the blouse — the colour, the detailing with pintucks, pleats or a bow, or even whether it has no sleeves or long sleeves!

Then you have the skirt, it can be a tighter, sleeker (sexier and more serious) pencil skirt, that is either a solid colour (conservative) or in a bright fun print (contemporary), or you can choose an a-line skirt which goes away from your body and is a little more fun than the serious pencil skirt.

The hemline can be shorter (sexier) or longer for a more conservative look, and depending on what the footwear is — flats, boots, or heels (chunky or stilettoed), the whole look changes again.

I very much like pairing the feminine with the masculine, so I might take a casual t-shirt, very flirty A-line skirt that is a little shorter in a bright print, and put it with chunkier sandals with black opaque tights tucked in to tone it down to something more contemporary.

Another option is a silk blouse with a bow tucked into a black pencil skirt (sleek), a little buckled belt, and then some black opaque tights with flat knee-high boots.

Next: How all of these options work with different body types.


Next up: How to make it work for dressing it up or down.

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