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Revamping a piece I couldn’t wear in my wardrobe

I bought this top because I LOVED the colour. I LOVED the fabric (silk chiffon) and I liked the easy drapey-ness of it.

Unfortunately, while it was drapey and cool, it was giving me a strange, weird bulge in front when I wore it, making me look very strange and lumpy in the belly area.

While I was pregnant it was perfect because it highlighted and hugged my bump but afterwards? Me no likey.

I even tried belting it, and it was ugly.


I wore it when I had a little bump and it was cute but not so cute when you aren’t expecting.



So I bit the bullet and took a pair of scissors to it and ended up with this:



It’s now like a chiffon silk shrug to wear over any top, and when I wrap it around my waist and belt it, it’s killer, trust me.

It looks like nothing on the hanger but it is great on a body.

I even like the way I hacked at the hem, giving it a raw edge silk hem without meaning to.

aritzia-magenta-drapey-top-cut-2Goes to show, a little scissoring can go a long way.

I’ve breathed new life into this top. I was about to sell it but I glad I didn’t!

This is how I’ve styled it on Instagram:


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