Save. Spend. Splurge.

No one in debt in a relationship can claim to be completely blameless…

So I have been starting more episodes of Money Moron (a new show by Gail V-O)

I like watching these shows because even though I am solidly out of debt (thank you ),

The thing I sort of hate about these shows is that the spouse (normally the wife), has no clue what and where the money is going.

What, you can’t check credit card statements?

Figure this stuff out on your own?

Bam some numbers in their face and implement a change?

The blame is not maybe 50% on the spouse, but it is at least 20%.

You can’t keep harping and saying: “Oh we need to make a change to our lifestyle and get out of debt” and then not do anything to help or to take initiative to learn about WHAT TO DO.

Wringing your hands and saying: “How are we going to do this?” is not useful.

What is useful is seeing the problem, and then saying: Okay, so how do we learn about this money STUFF?


If you are willing to learn about it, you have so many freakin’ options out there. Just throw any question into the wind like: “How do I get out of debt” and you have 408 million hits.

Just start reading.

If you’re more of a book person, I highly recommend Your money or your life. It will open your eyes guaranteed.

None of this will be easy, because EVERYTHING that is worth it, is all about WORK.

Hard, freakin’ work. That’s it. There’s no secret sauce.

Work hard, and save your money. That’s it. That’s the best way to get rich.

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