Save. Spend. Splurge.

My first (secondhand) designer bag purchase…

TA DA!! …

I bought it off The RealReal and if you use my link you can get an instant $25 USD credit to go shopping (must use it within 7 days though)..

That question I got last time from Ask Sherry about why I wasn’t really into designer bags, came at a very interesting time because I answered it, but then within the next 2 weeks I picked up this CĂ©line Belt Bag (the larger one) in a navy blue:

I have been using it for a while now, and I will say it really does seem to add a flare to my outfits.

There are SO. MANY. videos and blog posts about this bag that I have nothing extra to add. I will only list out my pros and cons.


  • Sturdy leather – scratch resistant if you will, not super soft lambskin so it doesn’t need to be delicately handled
  • Has a shoulder strap when you don’t want to hold it by the hand or crook of your arm
  • Love the design, that belt going across the top is very VERY pretty
  • Has a pocket in the back for easy access…..
  • Has a zipper for the length of the bag so I sometimes put my phone at the side of the bag and reach in through the sides to grab it rather than opening the bag


  • Back pocket doesn’t hold my iPhone XS Max easily. I can only put keys in there or a card at the most. The phone sticks out upright by about 2″
  • The belt is very pretty but finicky in the sense that you have to thread the flap through the belt to have it look cute (or put it over the belt is another look)
  • Clasp is a bit finicky in the sense that you have to pull DOWN on the flap then lift away. This means trying to open and close it takes a raised knee for a steady platform (stability) or two hands, while trying to catch the clasp at the right angle to have it close
  • Leaving it dangling open is not an option. The handle is through the top of the flap, and EVERYTHING flaps open, this is not a tote
  • Zipper is not end to end on the bag – doesn’t bother me but small hands can reach in there easily

Worth it?

Yes for me, secondhand. Even secondhand, it retails for around $2500 CAD…..

I could have purchased a similar quality and similar looking bag, but I am not really into bags “inspired by” or “replicas of” the actual thing.

If you want and can afford the actual thing (even if it’s only secondhand like me), then go for it. If not, you will always be thinking — but the one I really wanted was THIS ONE…. You know?

Maybe I’m crazy. I probably am.


  • Jen

    I cannot think of a single time I regretted buying “the real thing”. All of my shopping regrets have been when I settled for something cheaper and it either wasn’t comfortable, or fell apart quickly, or looked tacky and low quality. I’ve learned to set my sights high, and chances are I will eventually find a great deal, whether new or used. It’s good to know the best brands no matter what your budget is–you just never know.

  • Bag Lover

    Where did you buy your bag? I’m always on the hunt for quality resell sites!

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