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Money Talk: How many money accounts do you have?

How many accounts (money-related) accounts do you own?

I am going to exclude Little Bun accounts because they are under my name but they are his accounts.

For my business accounts:

  • Regular chequing account
  • Investing account

For personal accounts:


  • Chequing
  • Savings


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  • Chequing
  • Savings
  • High-interest Savings

TD Bank

  • Savings
  • U.S. Dollar savings
  • Line of Credit ($10,000 just in case, my banker made me take it but I have never used it)
  • RRSP

EQ Bank

  • High-interest savings


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  • RRSP
  • TFSA
  • Margin

Lending Loop

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  • Private lending account

If you have lost count that is a grand total of:

  • 3 Chequing Accounts
  • 6 Savings Accounts (High-interest included)
  • 6 Investing Accounts
  • 1 Line of Credit

For a grand total of 15 accounts.

I feel like I am missing one or two, somewhere in this list, but that’s all I can remember at this moment.


What’s your number?


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