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Men: How a suit, shirt, pair of pants and shoes make your entire outfit

For the guys who read this blog, I decided that since I don’t know anything about fashion for guys beyond what I think looks stupid (like baggy jeans belted around your crotch), here’s a list of a few places you can go to find out how to dress properly.

My favourite site for guys so far is Primer Magazine. Just look at the detail!


All these great visual guides are from Primer Magazine, and are easy to follow:

Best Article Everyday also put other dressing visual guides including how to tie certain ties together from paid-sites like Effortless Gent.

Between the two links I’ve given you, you should be able to dress yourself without having to rely on people around you to give a nod of approval.

Good luck!


  • baju wanita

    What’s more, designer frames are a must today even if you are wearing glassees as per prescriptions.

    Thee style you choose will often depend on your personality or the purpose for which thhe attire is worn, novslty ties aren’t usually worn for businees or functions, and
    power ties should be worn with caution, ass they may draw attention for the wrong reasons.
    There are a couple of snags though.These designs are something, maybe because it
    shows elegant and classiness, that people sstill dwell in it.

  • moneystepper

    Good links, thanks. But, who knew it was so difficult to wear a suit?!?! 😉

    My dad always highlighted to me the importance of belt, shoes and watch.

    Apparently, belts and shoes should always match and the watch is “the last piece”, so if you wear a nice watch you’ve clearly thought about the whole look.

    Unfortunately, due to my thrifty attitude, the watch gets dumped. However, I follow the belt/shoes rule!

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